Thursday, 15 October 2009


Not much of a post tonight. I have to go to Fat Fighters and I feel rough as rats.

My moontime still hasn't gotten going. I don't why this happens sometimes but I get a period of time when everything is saying I am ready, even a little light flow/spotting but my heavy beginning of my period just won't materialise. Until it does I will feel awful. The longer it takes the more yucky I will feel.

I wish I could just crawl in the bath and then off to bed.

I made my porridge and smoothie as usual this morning but I just couldn't face eating them. I think I had one mouthful. The chocolate and sugar cravings were very strong and I gave in. It hasn't been a red or a green day but a brown day.

I just want it to start! What is my body waiting for? The New Moon?

I am actually a New Moon person. I like this time best in the month. I think the darker more mysterious side of the Goddess is the one for me and had decided this before I realised that that tends to be my moontime. Coincidence? I am not a bright shiny person much of the time, although I have my moments. I like to step back and think more and I have been known to brood a little. Anyway time to go see if I have lost or gained. *glower*


  1. Hang in there - and stay gentle with yourself on this long journey of amazing change you are embarking on.

  2. Hey worry not and green maakes brown. Chocolate is good for these times! And don't you let fat fighters tell you any different!
    Oh I went through this with the period thing and know of many women going through the same. I am older and mind is down to menopause, but many are younger and can't use this as a reason. Also, if you are dieting this can upset your cycle. Drink calmomile tea, excercise if you can and relax.
    Thinking of you hunny
    Sue xxx

  3. I'm quite positive that you are utterly perfect...;)

    I have a hard time facing porridge in the morning on a good day...

    If I wasn't so knackered I could think of a lovely tea to help unstick your moon-time...raspberry leaf? Yeah...think so....


  4. I can certainly relate to this post. I just wanted to mention to you that I am having a problem staying a follower on your blog (and a couple of others). I think Blogger is having a problem, as I have heard of this happening to other bloggers too. Just wanted you to know that I am still following you, and hopefully Blogger will figure out what is going on. :)

  5. Thank you oh most lovely of people. Chamomile is a staple in my house anyway, and as it so happened when I got in and crawled off to the bath there was a mug of chamomile and oatstraw in my little mitt. I love chamomile... I shall have to try raspberry leave - I think I had some once and found more medicinal than pleasurable! *laugh* I am also missing my normal woman's tea - rose, vanilla and shatavari which not only seems to help but I love it as well. I think this may be why I havn't had this problem in a while but I have it now.

    Hope Blogger figures it out Sara! Things like that can be sooo frustrating...