Saturday, 24 October 2009

Just a quick update really and maybe a slight whine.

I feel like I am missing out on so much by being ill. I missed spending time visiting spiritual places with a fellow witch. I missed meeting my girl friends for a meal at a lovely bar on a beautiful beach. I am probably going to miss going to see a gifted musician on Monday, one I have long been looking forward to as we bought the tickets some time ago. I may even miss a meal out next weekend, mostly because I can hardly go out with colleagues if I am off sick.

Yes I am getting a bit done but really not a lot. I have done a little reading. A tiny bit of beading, maybe about 3-4 hours total. A little meditative art to music. Some soul searching on career paths. A lot of vegging in front of the TV. A fair bit of sleeping. I literally find myself with so little energy that i can barely do the things I normally do in the quiet moments of my day.

If I bend over I feel dizzy. If I do anything that my body considers an exertion, which is any movement pretty much, my breathing goes a little funny. All I look though, is tired.

On Thursday I went to the supermarket on the way home to stock up on food a little. I managed to drop food on the floor as I picked up my bags. As I walked out a packet went flying past me, it had dropped out my bag to meet my foot...

Yesterday I got to sit around in the doctors for a while before receiving my precious bits of paper. I went to go and get my medicine and discovered my bank card was not in my wallet. I quickly realised that I must have left it in the card machine in the supermarket. I left my prescription and went to go get my card. Luckily they had it and I had enough ID to convince them it belonged to me.

Back at the Pharmacy I paid my money and proceeded to wait and wait and wait. People who had come after me, went. I sat and felt worse and worse and worse. I just wanted to burst into tears. I went and said something to the assistant, which is very unlike me. She went and spoke to the pharmacist who had done it but not realised I had come back. The assistant had told them when I returned, I had heard her.

So feeling a little sorry for myself.... I am not quite well enough to be bored and that in itself is slightly depressing. I can't remember the last time I saw so much day time TV....


  1. Rose I hope you are feeling better, It never is fun being sick. and that is when everything seems to happen. Best wishes, c

  2. Its horrible isn't it when you feel like that... sending love n hugs... it doesn't sound like this is something to fight, just go with the flow & curl up & take it easy without feeling bad about what you're not doing... xx

  3. oh rose i hope you are feeling much better soon~as suzie has said dont feel guilty about being ill and taking time for yourself