Friday, 9 October 2009

Snuggling Habits of Small Dogs

Not sure what to post about today....

I did have an idea the other day and so that will do...

The Snuggling habits of small dogs...

Little Dog likes to be warm and she likes to sleep, inbetween barking and eating that is. She sometimes curls up in a little ball and sometimes she likes to stretch out. When I sit on the sofa, I like to sit with my legs up and she likes to lie between my legs keeping warm. She will use my leg as a head rest and then go to sleep. Her eyes do odd things at this point.

At night, when F is working, she appears on the bed at some point in the night. She lies close alongside me and hooks her foot over my ankles. Everytime I move she moves too and resnuggles. When I wake she does too but it takes a while for her to wake up properly. So I give her some fuss, and some more. At some point she wakes up fully and all of a sudden she flips and all four paws are in the air. Time for stomach stroking. When I get up she lies perfectly still and watches me intently. As I move towards the door she suddenly moves and beats me to the door.

Hmmm... When I wrote it in my head the other day, it sounded much cuter and funnier. Just much better... Oh well... I have nothing else to write about tonight.


  1. I think it sounded just right hun, you've summed up our small dog exactly...*smiles* xx

  2. It IS cute and funny...anything to do with cuddling dogs is cute and funny....I had a lovely vision of she dreaming when her eyes do that funny thing?

    Oscar is a Supreme Cuddler....he's afflicted with zero tolerance for cold of any sort and likes nothing more than to cozy up...under the covers usually...which is wonderful on cold winter nights or if you're not feeling well...I call him my 'hot weiner bottle'...


  3. Don't you just love our furry friends. You got an awwww! out of me, cute post.

  4. dogs do have their odd little habits.
    cody will sleep ont he bed with me until swampy comes to bed then he jumps down and spends the night moving from place to place.

  5. My little Jack R. Jujube does the same...snuggles close all night and ifI move he moves too...I wake up on the edge of the bed sometimes...he takes long waking me..we are both lazy..but my Heeler Toby after his morning cuddles is up and ready for the day like a soldier..I love our mornings!