Friday, 30 October 2009

Ghost Story

Some of my new books came through the door today. One of these was The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint. As well as the second of the Fionavar books, why couldn't it have been the first one that arrived first?

So I start reading The Mystery of Grace and discover it is the perfect book for Samhain. It is all about a lady who dies and finds that she can come back on Samhain and Beltaine when the veil is thin. The first time she comes back she meets a man....

I loved this story. So appropriate and a lovely take on this time of year. Not a scary ghost story or anything halloween-esk.

I love how sometimes i find myself, by chance, doing something appropriate for the time of year, quite by chance. Beltane found me drinking mead on a stag do with the Summer King waving a wand and wearing pink horns. Samhain finds me reading ghost stories. Yule found me standing in a hill fort watching a balefire being lit following a masked procession.

My birthday found me being gifted with rowan witch wood for a wand and a staff. Pure chance.

Chance happenings. Quietly becoming more in tune. How often are we in tune but don't notice it? The world turns whether we watch it or not. We are creatures of this earth no matter what we pretend.

The veil thins tomorrow whether people pay attention or not but unless we are listening or have a particular talent for it, chances are we won't come across a spirit who will make their presence felt. I have never seen a ghost and don't think I have felt one. Doesn't mean they arn't there and doesn't mean I won't remember my dead tomorrow.

Happy Samhain


  1. Ah, I missed your birthday. What a perfect gift though. Hope it was a lovely day for you.

    Bright Blessings.

  2. It was a while back. It was a lovely day and a lovely gift. A bit random finding that branch...

  3. What is the difference between the ghost of someone dead, and the spirit, the feel of them? I have never seen a ghost, but know for absolute certainty that my late husband has visited and made his presence felt.
    Thank you for dropping by my Village blog... I love your blogs! Definitely something different from the usual, and that's what appeals. I will be back....

  4. I have no idea pinkfairygran. I may well have to have a look at this.... Thank you for liking my blogs.