Sunday, 11 October 2009

To Do or Not To Do

I wanted to make stars but I got distracted and instead painted a scarf for my Great Aunt.

It has been a grey and rainy day out but I have been content in the house, pottering.

I slept strangely last night. I went to bed while F stayed up. I woke when he came to bed but went to sleep again. Later I awoke suddenly, as Little Dog came up, and drank lots. I was so hot! I was hot for ages. F was hot to but he stayed asleep. Eventually I took the duvet off and replaced it with our much thinner quilt. Of course later in the night, when it was cooler, I was cold. But I just pulled the duvet back over... And I slept.

Unfortunately F had to get up and go to work. Each time his alarm went off I would fall straight back asleep. He woke me up three times in ten minutes and then I got a bit grumpy.

So today has been a relaxed sort of a day. I got up late. I am beginning to realise that each bit of creativity takes time. Plenty of time. The scarf I did today was pretty simple but all the preparation of pattern and the drying took time. I still want stars but it is too late for today. I might do some jewellery in front of the TV but that will be it.

It is all very well having a list of things to do but if you work chances are you won't have time to get very far with the list. But does it matter? Not really....

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