Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Colour Red

So much seems to have happened at work today but i can't really talk about it. The bizarre thing is that I didn't really care. Well i did, a little bit, but it just didn't impact on my happiness. The sun was shining, I was feeling good and nothing was going to take the pleasure of the day away from me. Certainly not the world falling apart from people I don't know or like and the knock on effects it might have on others. People have to take responsibility for the results of their own actions. I played no part in any of it.

So let's talk about hormones. Mine seem to be changing. I guess this is to be expected. Being obese has meant my hormones are a little less powerful and predictable. Last Friday I found myself in possession of a lot of annoyed energy. so I went and employed this energy usefully in a working fashion.

I think I am about to start my period. Last month it was about this time, just after the waning moon. Normally I retain water and get really heavy for about the week before and feel even more sluggish than normal. I normally get very weepy a couple of days beforehand. I put on weight last week, I havn't been feeling quite as good as I did a week or so ago (but still pretty good).

So is all that aggressive energy thing my new emotional symptom of impending hormonality? I liked feeling like that. I didn't have to stay in the office and be grumpy with people, I was able to use that energy for positive things and that felt good. It feels good to feel up to using my body a little more. And I work somewhere where there is the opportunity to.

I am not convinced that you really need to know all this... Everytime I get to this point I find myself thinking about diva cups and cloth pads. I want to use them. I want to do it, to change, to be more environmentally friendly and more skin friendly too. I need to take the plunge and just do it. I guess sometimes the thought of trying new things can be a little daunting. What if it goes wrong and I find myself with a leaking divacup at work? How long can you wear cloth pads for, do you use them just like other pads?

Did anybody else get the eek feeling before changing?

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  1. I won't lie to you....there is definitely a learning curve with the diva cup -- some people have a harder time than others, I was probably about middling. I can't use cloth pads because I really hate feeling like I'm wearing a nappy -- which, although they are super-soft and comfy in their flannelly goodness, is exactly what they feel like.I do wear a cloth liner as back-up for my diva cup because no matter what I do, I still have a tiny bit of leakage in my first two heavy days. Mind you, Sebastian rather wreaked havoc on my anatomy and things just aren't exactly where they used to be...something to do with a wonky cervix that may be why.

    You really just have to take the plunge....and realize that you probably won't be able to convert completely right away...maybe try it out on weekends or in the evenings or something?

    At least you're thinking about it...which is the first step...

    Trust me, you'll be glad you did....

    Oh, and yeah, I"m positively savage during my waning moon phase...;)