Monday, 19 January 2009

Tangerine Dreams

I love to catch up with my e-life. I love reading the blogs I follow. Some I follow anonymously as I am not sure how they would feel about such a pagan link. Others I follow publicly. All give me so much. There is a community here which I am part of. It even has community events. One one of which I posted about earlier. Another we are starting... Word Wednesday! A small group of us are starting this and we shall write or show photos of our chosen word each Wednesday and this Wednesday our word is door... (if the idea of Word Wednesday came from someone else I am sorry and hope you don't mind us borrowing. I have a feeling I might have but my memory is so awful i haven't a clue...)

Poetry... I still haven't written my element poems. Or done much towards this months areas from 'A Witch Alone' and this month ends on the new moon. I haven't done the last weeks meditation for my hearth craft class. I haven't finished painting my scarf for my shrine. I haven't finished the wire frame for my Goddess papier mache thing to go on my kitchen shrine. I haven't started my Goddess collages. I haven't finished cleaning up my kitchen. I have a pile of unread books.

And every time I read more I come away with more ideas. Oh a bell branch that sounds nice. Hmm you have driftwood covered in charms above your bed, what do I have above my bed, nothing, hmm. I have some blank wall there. I have these bits of paper... they make pens that write on glass, what could I do with them?

I achieved very little this weekend beyond a shopping trip mostly spent watching S try to choose computer games. I did however buy, not just my moon journal but some terracota sculpting clay stuff (neolithic style Goddess statue and maybe an altar plate or some runes), two packs of threads (maybe the Goddesses dress, maybe some bead weaving), a pack of fabric scraps (no ideas - yet), some bells and green wool (bell branch) and some milkthistle complex.

My list of things doesn't depress me. These are things I want to do and will enjoy doing. What I do find sad is that so much of the time, I just don't feel like doing much. I felt so tired this weekend and this is at odds with the surge of creativity I feel nurtured within my e-life. But right now this is not an issue... I am tired and warm and snug. I have big dog nestled on my feet. I am about to go to bed. I am content and well fed. Rigth now there is no issue. Just time to dream of all the things I want to do, could do and might do. Life really isn't so bad, in fact it is pretty good... Night Night....

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  1. *grin*..yeah, you should see my 'to-do' list too!! ;)