Thursday, 8 January 2009

.... But Not as we Know It.

Today's post was going to be all about the little things we need to appreciate etc etc. I was going to talk about the sky being red as I left work yesterday silhouetting the hill with all it's granite stacks. There is an incredible view from where I work. I was going to talk about the overcast sky where the only break in the cloud was a slit above the horizon which the sun shone through this morning.

However, I am going to talk about sleeping, specifically sleeping last night. It was odd. Very, very odd.

I was happily asleep dreaming about buying a copper cauldron or some other such thing when suddenly I felt awake. I can not remember or describe exactly how I felt. It was like a spiky energy was in my head. The effect this energy had on my body was extreme. My stomach was doing double flips and I thought I would be sick. I wanted to call F but was unsure what he could do and it just didn't seem right. I tried visualizing the elements in order to cast a very basic circle around myself. Although I managed this with a struggle it had no effect on the experience I was having at all. This made me wonder if the thing ausing the experience wasn't inherently bad or something I needed protecting from.

I began to feel like it was energy I was full of. Not my energy and not an energy that was natural to my body. I had to let it out. I, with a struggle, began to visualize a grounding cord and this seemed to allow the excess to drain away and all of a sudden it was gone.

My initial thoughts were that it was either an entity, but I have no idea what, or some energy sent by someone or something. I don't think it was malicious but the effect on me was difficult and obviously I was vulnerable while sleeping. Obviously when I thought about it today, when properly awake, it occurred to me that it might actually have all been a dream. What on earth would my subconscious be trying to tell me with that? The last thing that occurred to me is that there is epilepsy in my family although I have never suffered, maybe I was actually experiencing some disturbed electrical activity in my brain...

I am not sure I will ever know what it was and I am not sure I want to either. I am not even sure which explanation I would most like to believe *laugh*. If anybody has any suggestions, no matter how bizarre, please feel free to post comments to your heart's content... At the moment, I am not overly concerned, the chances of repeating a dream or having multiple epileptic attacks suddenly develop in adult life is very low. Otherwise it did not feel malicious in nature, just not belonging to me... If it ever happens again, grounding will be the first thing I do...

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