Friday, 16 January 2009

Love Potion No. 9

Although spirits seemed much better at work today and nothing bad has happened, I don't have anything exciting from today to write about. F cooked a lovely meal for me this evening and then I had a lovely bath and read some more of my current book The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbottson.

I very much wanted to write some nice happy positive things tonight, so I shall write about the best bit of my life, F. F is a lovely chap. The sort old ladies love because he is slightly cheeky and makes them laugh. He works in sales and to be honest, Cornwall is probably the only place he could get away with this. In Cornwall a slimy person using the hard sell and being a little shady wouldn't sell anything for very long, they value customer service and word of mouth more down here. Up country he would probably be in some other person orientated career, such as the ambulance service.

Although I am not shy, I can be reserved and I do not often make people laugh... I make F laugh all the time. He makes me laugh to and we have a good time together, inbetween my grumpiness and his ranting that is, we are human after all. He is my best friend and although sometimes we frustrate each other no end, I wouldn't change him for the world. I can imagine still enjoying his company as an 80 year old rocking our chairs companionably on a porch enjoying the view.

Many years ago, I decided to move to Cornwall and started a chain of events that would bring F into my life. I found a house and a course. I found lodgers and made some fantastic friends. I worked hard and played hard but was still somewhat lonely at times. I got big dog after a year and he is my loyal and devoted shadow still.

After two and a half years down here I was ill and took time from my studies. Once I was better I started work but had lost contact a little with friends. One night one called to say she was going out with her chap and some of his nice single work mates. I said I would come out but that I was sick of men and not interested in the slightest.

When I walked into the club there was a man at the bar and our eyes met and there was... something... He turned out to be one of the single friends and he spent the rest of the night chasing me round the club trying to speak to me as I ran off in the opposite direction. We did eventually talk but not that night, although he did text me after I got home that night. He called me a couple of nights later and I spent three hours on the phone talking and laughing with this man who I didn't know and things could have been a little awkward with. We dated a little but ended up living together pretty quickly...

We later discovered that we knew about eight people in common and every so often we find another connection. If we hadn't met that night, we may not have met again for some time, who knows...

There is one little thing though. My parents had a vegetable garden when I was a kid but soon stopped growing veg. Various seeds germinated and the patch became a good example of ecological succession.... When I was a bout ten one of the plants fighting for it's place was identified as an oak tree. I have watched this tree grow over the years and it is now twice or three times my height. It has always felt like a special tree to me and I always go and say hello to it when I visit my folks.

So it was only natural that when I decided to work a spell before I moved to Cornwall that I should give it to this tree to guard. It was my first piece of magic and my only until more recent times. I wrote some lines asking that I should be able to create a happy home and find the right person for me to be with, some one to make me happy and be my partner in life. I wrote it out nicely on coloured paper and I made a braid which I tied it with. It was buried in the roots of the tree for the tree to protect and guard as it grows.

I suspect that such magic probaly works slowly behind the scenes bringing about chains of chance happenings. I suspect it could take some time to be realised. How could you ever prove it worked? Or disprove it?

About the time the spell was buried to grow woth the tree, a man in a far off place became single and began a long and tumultous period of his life as he, and others around him adjusted. It would be two and a half years before he felt ready to date someone else. *smile*

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