Sunday, 11 January 2009

Izzy, Wizzy, Let's Get Busy!

My card this morning was the Green Man. This card is all about obstacles, tests and challenges. When I receive this card I always wonder if I shall pass or fail the test.

I began the day by putting the gutta on my silk scarf. This is a thicker paint which acts as a border for the coloured silk paints. I chose to do the three moon symbol for the Goddess in silver and some little spiraly swirls in black. The spirals will act as a more subtle way of varying the denisty of the colour I hope... I then had to leave it to dry. The scarf looks pretty dull right now.

It was then time for F to go and pick up S. I had hoped we could go down to an area called the Lizard so I could hunt for a hearthstone in a cove. I had a choice at that moment, do I dash for five minutes to get out of the house or do I let this Sunday be like any other Sunday with S - all about food and computer games. I chose to dash about and a little while later the three of us landed at Gunwalloe Church Cove.

This is an unusual part of the Cornish coastline. Two small coves have been eating in at a headland so they they have nearly created a island and the land that separates them is relatively low lying. On this land there is a church built on the site of an ancient hermitage from the times when pilgrams first brought Christianity to Cornwall. One name for this church is the church of storms.

We first visited Dollar Cove with is a rocky cove and I found myself a hearthstone and several little stones that are using me as a stepping stone to their new home. As we left the cove I left the hearthstone by the entrance and decided that if it was still there when we returned then it was supposed to be mine.

We continued on and came to the church and for the first time we looked round the graveyard. This contained some beautiful graves, an ancient celtic cross and a statue of a saint. We were surprised to find the church open and found a haven. The church was small but peaceful. Looking into the eaves of the relatively low ceiling, the wood looked like the upturned hull of a boat and was probably created by carpenters more familiar with boat building. The simple carvings felt quite pagan and very much reflected the natural world with flowers, fruits and seeds in abundance.

As we left the church it became apparent that the second cove, Gunwalloe Church Cove was more hazardous despite being a little more sheltered. This cove has one thing mostly missing at Dollar Cove - sand, and the wind was whipping it up so that it scoured bare skin. The winds were strong today and the sea rough but despite this there was a dog racing into the waves after a stick.

As the menfolk walked on ahead, I took a moment to ask the wind to blow my fear and discontentment from me and leave only peace and contentment. It felt appropriate and brought a smile to my face and no other present on that beach would have known of my simple attempt at a magic working. Even if they had, I am not sure they would have considered it very magical.

We returned over the dunes to where my stone was waiting to return home with me.

I have more to write about today but if I stay up any later I shall struggle at work.... If this was my test for the green man, then I would hope that I passed and that the walk had been the right choice. It is also very possible that my test came later and that I failed...

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  1. Lovely....I love this. I envy you your connection to the sea...its what I miss most about living in Florida...*sigh*

    I'd consider that a pass...:) Looking forward to the rest of the story...