Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's Life, Jim...

So yesterday I got myself a little over-wrought. Then had a big heart to heart with F. And then I tried to the sensible thing and go to sleep. Bad idea.

I have no idea how many times I woke up last night. I have been going to bed too late recently and suddenly trying to get to sleep a couple of hours earlier threw me out. Given all I had in my mind I couldn't shut it up long enough to drift off... I couldn't meditate because there was just too much in there floating around. Then all the things floating around kept waking me up. Oh and big dog because he has gotten used to me going to bed later to. Something about standing at the back door in the middle of the night really wakes you up. *sigh*

So I finally get through the night and I have to go to work. I get out to my car to discover it is somewhat cold and that I have ice on the inside. Now this is a real novelty in Cornwall. After I finally finish scraping off my car I wend my way past and accident and a burst water main and discover I left home just in time as the lights have jammed and I wouldn't have been able to get out.

This current job has had four temps. I was the third and now I am the final *sigh*. The first one lasted a day, the second was ill and she just couldn't give the reliability required (but then who goes outside to smoke having just come out of hospital and having had hypothermia?) and the fourth couldn't do the job. So they asked for me back by name. Shame about the pay cut... But they are a nice bunch.

Life today was very ordinary. I put data in the computer, I ate and read my magazine, I put data in the computer, I went home. I have no choice right now about work, not really, but I do have a choice once I leave... I went and bought a wooden spoon and some food colourings. I am dying one end of the spoon yellow and the other red. The spoon will be purified with herbs and then consecrated in what will obviously be a most magical hearth based ceremony. And the spoon will be transformed in magic ooking spoon! Ta Da!

I guess if cooking and cleaning can be made magical, then really most things can, can't they? How EXACTLY do you make data entry magical? Any thoughts, please post below....

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  1. Wracking my brain on that one...but....nothing. Perhaps I inhaled too many anaesthetic fumes today...:) But yeah, if I can convince myself that cleaning is magical....*grin*