Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Monday night and I have just written today's blog. I have more to write and I am not sure whether this is a bonus blog or tomorrow's blog... I guess I shall save it and see if I have anything else to write tomorrow...

I got home from my ditchwater dull job... (except I actually quite like ditchs and other less popular bodies of water such as bogs and mires....) My brain had slowly been frying in boredom all day. One of my colleagues realised it was getting to me and triend to console me that soon I would be able to do it with out thinking and it would become more zen. Oh please let it be soon!

After washing up and calling relatives with birthdays, I gathered my candle, hearthstone, incense and recently cleansed spoon. I enjoyed the ritual of welcoming the sacred flame into my home and meditating on the role of the fire in our homes both now and in the past. There was something very peaceful about watching the charcoal and incense smoke curling up in front of the candle flame. This is something I would repeat, even without the added meditations.

I had been trying to remember what my parents fireplace was like before they had a stove installed and I couldn't. While meditating and remembering fires and times of happiness, it came back to me. I could picture it perfectly. I could remember what we kept on the ledges to each side. I could remember laying fires and clearing out ashes. When I vist my family now I am always a bit nervous of their stove as it has different vents and things. I remember the old fire guard and the old rug that sat in front of the fire and how it had burnt spots from embers spat from the fire. I remember how the dogs didn't like wood that spat...

The ritual left me with a nice happy and peaceful feeling. It made me feel nostalgic and reminded me of how much I miss having an open fire. We have a hole for a fire place and a chimney but we need it lined and something put in the hole to light a fire on.... There is some board in blocking the hole at the moment but it would be easily taken out. If we can economise then sorting out the fire place would be the first thing I would sort out.

I cleared off the windowsill and this for now is the new home of my hearthstone. I would like to make this into my little kicthen shrine as suggested by the course. I have some ideas... I just need the time... *grin*

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