Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Lucky the Drama Queen

OK so maybe I had felt my life was opening up a little but maybe in order to open it up, maybe what I should do is close it down first and prepare.

F and I had a long talk. We are very lucky. No matter how bad everything is around us, we get on very well and still like each other. He truly is my soul mate. There is no one I know or have ever known that I would rather spend time with. The only ones who come close are my parents. When ever we truly spend time together we have a ball, even if we are just going food shopping. How many couples have that?

We are both a little sedentary in nature at the moment. This has affected me far more than him. We try to eat well but sometimes we just don't have the strength of will to always cook well. We don't exercise as much as we should. Me because I don't enjoy it and it would be some time before I really could partake in anything at a normal physical level. I need to spend a couple of months just walking if I am going to gain enough stamina to work and exercise.

We also, like everyone else have money woes. Having S who doesn't live with us obviously means that we have outgoings in the same way as any other family that has a child. With those payments but also the fact that we are not the ones who qualify for the associated tax relief means we have a considerable outgoing.

Maybe if we hauled back on things a little here and there. We could live more healthily and save money. Do we need a dvd subscription and sky? Do we need online gaming subscriptions? Do we need to iron each day before work or could we switch on the iron once a week and save power? Do we need meat every day? What do we need? What can we get rid of?

I have a stack of books for a course I failed last year. I failed because I wasn't right for the job and short of changing my entire personality, I never would be. It had nothing to do with how hard I worked. Books of theory sit upstairs and will never be used. How much can I sell them for? What else do I have no use for that could sell?

If we can take our lives back to basics can we be healthier and happier? Can we free ourselves from the credit trap our society lives in? Can we begin to save for what we really want? Could I have a working fireplace this time next year? Could I have a smallholding within this lifetime? Is this job a necessary evil to help me move closer to where I need to be?

Only if that is what F and I turn it into, together.