Saturday, 17 January 2009

Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are something I have only recently discovered but I am very, very smitten with them. I started this blog for me but it has been far better so far than I expected. I discovered / remembered that I like writing. I get a lot out of putting my thoughts and feelings down, although I think a lot, it doesn't necessarily mean my thoughts are organised. Writing my thoghts has really helped me to organise my thoughts more. This also really helps with moving on and excepting things. There is something so final and complete about writing things down that helps them to be completed.

Another thing I love about blogging is that it has bought people into my life. Really lovely cool people who are interested in what I have to say. Sometimes the comments feel like my own personal cheering committee. I have made friends via blogging in such a short space of time and I expect to make more in the future...

Blogging also helps see inside other peoples lives. I love getting share the lives and thoughts of other people on similar paths to me or paths I would like to be on. I love Mel's blogs for the way our paths sometimes reflect each other and this bouncing back helps me grow more. I love Siobhan's beautiful pictures and the way she captures beauty in the everyday things around her. I love Miss Daisy's raw honesty in her blog and I wish I could hold her hand a little. I love photos from Norway, eye witness accounts of the effect of the coming inaugaration on Washington DC, doodles and mandalas, tales from small holdings... I love that these people are willing to share their thoughts, talents and creativity. I find blogs inspiring and eye opening.

I often press the next blog button to see what I get and I wish I could read some of the blogs I find. Beautiul artwork and the odd word I understand suggests I might love to chat to this person. But I can't. I don't speak their language. I pass these blogs on by with regret, wishing I could explore this other person. Blogs make the world smaller and help me to understand the lives of others. Language may be a barrier but it doesn't stop me looking at a person and thinking I wish I could get to know you.

It isn't always easy thinking of something to write when you have had another dull day at work. I struggle sometimes. I wanted my blog to be an oasis of calm and spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes my negativity about things creeps in and I am not sure how I feel about that. I guess as this journal was started for me and my needs, i should cut myself some slack. I don't want things to become a grumble fest though. So I must find myself things to write about on those evenings that follow a day where nothing interesting has happened... This so far is the only slightly bad thing about blogging. Writing a blog doesn't automatically make me calm and spiritually enlightened...

My blog has caused me to be inspired to write a moon journal. This came up in Mel's blogs first and then further reading about woman's special connection to the Goddess and the Moon. I have come to understand the power writing a journal has but for me the audience (or potential audience) is the catalyst. My moon journal shall be private and of very little interest to others but I hope it will be of great use to me.

S chose to go shopping today to spend some money he had. I left the men to go to a games shop and went to an art shop. I had a couple of things I wanted to buy and I found them but I still had that feeling that there was something else I should buy. Then something caught my eye and a ping went off in my head. I went to investigate. It turned out to be a notebook with a cover that wrapped all the way round and fastened with a magnetic flap. Lovely pictures of horses cover the book and they glow with blues and violets highlighted with silver and pink and turquoise. A beautiful and private book that will allow no accidental peeking. My moon journal is born and may it bring as many blessings as my blog has!


  1. Yippee!! Moon journal!! Yippee!! The book sounds lovely...

  2. I have to agree with you about blogging, it is a great outlet artistically, emotionally and as a communication vehicle of uncommon power.

    Heck, look, it's led me to your blog!

    Thanks for visiting mine.

  3. Thank you so much Barry. I am surprised you have time to look at many of your followers blogs now, given how many you have! Your blog was definitely one I was thinking of in terms of social commentary. I loved the story of finding your family roots in Scotland, the war brides (made me cry) and of course Lindsay! Keep writing!

  4. I am loving reading some of your past posts... I have been blogging for about 4 or more years.. it started off as a fun thing, then got more serious for me as I used it to put my constant spiritual wonderings down.. and I realized that by putting them down and then getting comments, it was turning into a wonderful free counselling session and those comments helped me to grow. I have met many, many wise women over the years through blogging and I feel blessed.. when I started out, I was the only 'witch'...and now there are many of us.. which is wonderful as I realize I am very 'normal'..

  5. You must have spent a lot of time reading to get back this far so quickly! I think we are all VERY normal! I find blogging helps me think and I get feedback....