Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Word Wednesday - Fish

Oh dear... I am fishing around for something to write about here and fish was an idea I had... oops.

I love fish in many ways. I think they are beautiful and elegant creatures. I would love to own some and I did once, for a while. I discovered how delicate they are and how hard it is to maintain their environment. I didn't have the expertise and I didn't learn quickly enough. I still have my fish tank. It sits all alone in a corner gathering dust.

I am not sure how I feel about aquariums now. How many fish are bought by ignorant owners who don't have the skill to keep them alive? Or as was possible in my case, are sold inferior goods and so their tanks just can't support them? I would love to have fish again but I fear that they would be a valueless sacrifice to my desire. Not valueless because they have no value but because their deaths would have no value.

Maybe one day I shall have a fishy friend who has the knowledge and the time to help me get set up and running...

I loved the idea of diving and seeing fish in their own environment, and I did a few times. I never saw many fish though. Bursting my ear drum put a swift end to that little hobby but the memory of the freedom I felt under the waves as stayed with me. You can move in any direction in a way you can not on the ground. Fish have the most fantastic environment in which to live.

Most of the ocean seems to be a vast desert, with life clinging on to the perilous edges and larger shoals and others like sharks and whales crossing. Vast currents carry nutrients and the creatures that live on them halfway across the world.

I love the sea. Stood on the beach though, the sea feels like a huge other world that I can only swim or paddle around the edges of. The sea is something I dabble on the edge of and look longingly at. Fish are obviously very different to me. I wonder if they look at the beach and think the same thing?

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