Sunday, 15 February 2009

Today Part One

Today is a day of deadness and lacklustre-ness. This last week has been full pelt. Full of lack of sleep hormones and detoxing releasing nastiness into my body. I seem to have been so busy and so tired. So here I am on Sunday.

F is at work. S is wherever he might be when he isn't here. I have nothing that has to be done today, although a years worth of things that I should do or could do. The house is as normal a mess. I have a zillion creative projects that were in my head this week and now I am here with time, they are nowhere to be seen.

I am feeling out of touch with my spiritual side although I think some of this is an illusion right now. I don't feel I have done anything on my Thirteen Moons work but this month seemed to be all about connecting with where you life and it's history... I certainly haven't done anything on my Hearthcraft course. I need to do a meditation / ceremony but is when you are completely depleted on the energy front the right time? I also need to make a home for a household spirit, seeing as my house just isn't going to be clutter free and tidy any time soon, I have to welcome them somehow... I need to work on my altars somewhat as they are languishing a little...

Although I find it easy to connect with nature, I am finding it hard to connect with any deities or specific aspects. last lunar moth, my thirteen moons study got stuck on looking more deeply at them.

I also want to learn more about my adopted home and to share that knowledge through the blog. I would like to start little mini-series on the geology of Cornwall and it's history to. Having the blog to write for is quite motivating when it comes to getting things done...

I have a rumbling headache. I want to hibernate in the lounge on the sofa and catch up on my TV watching with some cuddlesome hounds, my quilt and the fire. First I should put some washing on though...

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