Thursday, 12 February 2009

Stolen Moments

This morning, I woke against my will, far earlier than I had any desire to. Given how I had been feeling the previous evening, this was particularly unwelcome. Today has been a little bit of a struggle to be quite honest, I seemed to have achieved a little less than normal while at work today but I have been making just as much effort... *sigh*

I was sat eating my breakfast, surfing blogs, when it occurred to me that I could use this time. I pushed the thought down. Then my computer decided to switch itself off in order to install some windows updates. I took the hint... By this time I didn't have so much time left.

I decided to go the long way to work and drive up to the big hill from which I threw my seeds. This hill dominates where I live and where I work but like so many people, I find I forget it is there a lot of the time. Just driving up the track takes several minutes and so by going there I was really, really pushing my ability to get to work on time.

It was a beautiful morning. The night had been clear and cold so there was a frost steaming in the sunlight. The sky was a beautiful, gentle shade of blue. The sun golden and glowing with the promise of warmth... Little white wispy clouds sat in the sky.
(The sea is along the top left of the land)

This time as I drove up the hill, instead of robins, I saw magpies. Two of them. A good sign. On top of the hill the view was beautiful but every second felt stolen. I spent no more than five minutes there and snapped a few pictures in a hurry. As I drove back down again, I saw the same two magpies.

I was late to work by two minutes but I was able to sneak in the back so only my team were aware... I blamed the unexpected heavy frosts. I am normally early and start work when I get in. I also forget to take some of my breaks. My boss was unlikely to complain *grin* as long as I don't do it again for a good long while...

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  1. Well worth two minutes of lateness I'd say...:)

    What a gorgeous view!