Thursday, 19 February 2009


Something happened today. Just a little thing and it got me thinking. One of my colleagues in the light of a slight misjudgement is subtly reinventing events that occurred and their part in them. Because we like them we are happy to let them do it. You could see them reinventing their reality as they talked.

My Gran used to do this. She would replay events over and over again in her head. Each time she would change the words she said to better ones and the ones said to her to worse ones. By the time she had finished she was a saint who was put upon by unsaintly others whereas in everyone's else's realities it was the other way around.

Thinking about my Gran made me think of other ways that all of us do this all the time. She believed that if someone had a cold you could place a bowl of dettol (a disinfectant) in the room with them and it would kill all the germs.

Beliefs in science and religion have changed so much over the course of human history. Those that we have now will, with all certainty be superseded by those that our descendants hold. whose reality is the 'real' reality? Mine, without a doubt! But I recognise the right of everyone else to have their own reality which can interact with mine. Maybe that germ living on my pizza will have a really, really strong belief in it's ability to make me ill and actually achieve it? Who knows?

If belief and reality are connected, what does this mean for America right now? The American reality must be changing at the speed of light right now...

So back to my reality... I believe in magic, because I think the world is a better place with the ability for special things to happen. I try and believe that people are good and nice but I don't always suceed. I believe the world is a beautiful place and that I am blessed to live in such a stunning part of it.

I believe the mind has many layers, like Shrek's onion theory... What we think we need and want or our topmost most public layers may be very different from what our deepest most private layers know we need and want.

Where does this leave those poor souls with mental health issues? I have no idea. Maybe some are actually more in touch with the real reality than we are. I believe for some the pain of their issues is like their brain just hurting and hurting with no way for them to escape from inside their own heads. Do I want this sort of reality? No way! Do i know how to help those who live with sort of reality? Not a clue. I suspect everybody creates their realities in some different way.

Of course some of us are better at creating our own reality than others. Obama for instance must be very good at creating his own reality. In my reality right now, these words are beginning to come across as strange rambling, stream of cnsciousness words which may be turning into drivel... *sigh*

Bizarrely, Juniper has posted on reality today, after I had already decided i would write about it. Her post is much less rambling and far more elegant....

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