Saturday, 21 February 2009

Strange Luck

Many years ago i had a dream that i had won 25 million pounds on the lottery. Soon after I had a second dream that I had won 19 million. Connected in these dreams were forgotten elements that led me to make a promise to myself. There was a woman I knew many years ago who enjoyed causing me pain. The knife was already there but she liked to jiggle it around and twist it a little. No matter how I once felt about her, if I ever do win I shall track her down and make sure she is alright. I have no idea what exactly I would be expecting...

Last week I had another dream. Again, I had won the lottery. i had spent some time checking the numbers in the dream and when I awoke i was absolutely gutted that I could only remember one number, 12. I wasn't even sure if this number was one of the winning numbers or not.

On Friday I bought three random sets of numbers at one shop - none contained a 12. So I went to a second shop to buy three more. The man in front had wanted one not two sets so the lady at the checkout asked me if I would take his numbers. I did this and had another line. none contained a twelve. On to the next shop and another three lines and no 12. I decided to buy three more and select the numbers and make sure each contained a 12. So I had 12 sets of numbers and three of them had the number 12 in them...

This morning I checked my numbers and the number 12 had come up! Unfortunatley I was a few numbers short of a full house... I did however win £5.50.

Part of me wonders whether I would have won the jackpot if I had remembered all the numbers. Bizarely the jackpot this week was £25 million!

I remember a story I read many years ago. I have no idea of the name or the author but some of the ideas stuck with me. A lady was able to read fortunes but not in the normal way, she was able to tell people why they should do whatever it was they were meant to do. There was one man who made toys and he was supposed to do this and be successful and the reason was that in many years to come, after he had died, a child would be given some of his toys and would use them to fend off an attack.

I guess I may never know why I felt directed to buy my tickets and be where I was yesterday. Or maybe when you are told something, sometimes you are only told once and it is up to us to listen and get it right. My dreams still might come true.... *laugh*

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