Sunday, 15 February 2009

Today Part Two

I watched Seabiscuit (which always makes me cry) while completing Caspiana's scavenger hunt for pages 4 and 5 of my soul journal. The magazines and flyers from yesterday really helped. I then went and put a lamb joint in to boil with the duck stock from Xmas and some bay leaves and a handful or Ras el Hanout spices.

I then pretty much failed to do anything else much at all... Except I discovered another bloggy creative challenge. Project Spectrum is this year to spend two months looking at each of the directions / elements with associated colours and materials. This really appeals as I started looking at the elements earlier on this year. It feels like a good extension and will fit nicely with my Creative Every Day challenge as well.

Apart from that, I now have a stonking headache. *sigh*

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