Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Missing Monty!

I found this on Sue's blog. I have heard of Monty. We listen to local radio at work and they have talked about him on the radio. It seems he has become rather nervous and runs away from anyone if he is approached. He also runs quite fast! There have been numerous sightings and he is getting to be in a bit of a poor way. I hope he is found soon as the areas he has been seen in are on the backbone of Cornwall, up on the cold and open moors which are now covered in snow.

Can you help find this missing dog named "Monty"? I was sent his picture by a viewer to Cornwall CAM, who told me there have been recent sightings in Carn Brea, Portreath & Porthtowan.
"Monty's owner, Mike Watson was visiting friends on 28th December in Carnkie, Wendron - he got to their front door and let 'Monty', his dog, off the lead to go into the house when there was a lot of shooting in the area. Monty was terrified and ran off. Mike has searched to no avail and has now had to return to Devon. Monty is a beautiful Grey Bearded Collie, nine years old and will be very frightened in an area he does not know and is unlikely to approach anyone. I am sure it is not necessary, but Mike has offered a 'substantial' reward for the return of his adored pet. He has also contacted all the usual places, vets, RSPCA, police etc. Can you help? Do you know anyone that has found a Bearded Collie?"
If you have any news, please telephone Su French on 01736 850763.

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