Friday, 6 February 2009


I do feel at the moment as if everything is trying to tell me that life is about to get better for me. Not only have there been robins but I have been having magpies, music and tarot to.

The magpies have been hanging around in twos, except when I am about to go to work.

There is a song, I Just Know That Something Good is Going to Happen by the Utah Saints. It was first released many years ago but never made it really big, a little ahead of its time maybe but I loved it. Then it came back last year. Thing is it has never gone away entirely since, but even so.... In the last 36 hours I have heard it 3 times on 3 different radio stations.

Then there is the tarot. Each morning I pick a card from my arthurian tarot. Sometimes it gives me a court card, mostly because it wants to be vague and it knows I hate reading the court cards. Mostly i get minor arcana cards but every so often I get a major arcana card. Major arcana cards are always a sign of things happening and recently I seem to be getting quite a few.

Twice I have had the round table - which is all about cyclic change. Then the sleeping lord has shown up as well and the wounded king. It all points to change and learning and growth. Something is building in my life, something good...


  1. Loving that this is happening for you!! ((hugs)) You so very much deserve it.

  2. Thank you hun! I have no idea where my life is heading, it might just be the feeling that being more creative is giving me.... *grin*