Thursday, 23 April 2009


Tonight i made a Hello Kitty postcard. This is so not my normal sort of thing. I don't generally do cute but I have loads of cute things. I have picked up bits here and there but once I found a draw unit filled with end of line things at a shop called Trago Mills which specialises in cheap, cheap, cheap. I couldn't see what was in it before I bought it but it had some great things, lots of transfers, blank cards, paper, embossing powder.... all sorts. And much of it was cutesy.

I really enjoyed doing this card and I found having a focal image as a start made putting together papers and other elements much, much easier. It creates a very different effect to multi-media work.

I so hope it's new owner likes it. The only thing they listed as liking was Hello Kitty. I have to say I have enjoyed the more tricky postcrosses the most fun so far. This one and the one who wanted an altered card were the best.

And after I finished we went out.

We took Little Dog and went and bought chips. We sat and ate them in the car on the headland, overlooking a lovely big bay. Little Dog watched the sea intently and din't pester us, although she did enjoy a few chips at the end... We then went for a walk.

Although there were plenty of people around, they were mosly surfers in the bay. The walkers had stayed at home, put off by the weather or they had been and gone. So we had it mostly to ourselves on the headland and there were no dogs in sight so the lead came off and Little Dog played her favourite game. This consists of me and F being some distance apart and taking it in turns to run (or saunter in my case, at a slightly faster speed than normal). She chases us, loops round and then sets off after the other person.

It was not a warm evening and a mist had settled over the bay so the town on the far side was indistict. It was grey. There were different shades though. The sea was grey and light jade. The sky was grey and light blue with a soft hint of peach in places. The waves were crested in white. All was soft and beautiful and peaceful.


  1. This sounds like my idea of a perfect evening. I like being by the ocean best when its not a typically 'beautiful' day.....of course, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that there wouldn't be many people there either...:)

    New Moon tonight so I'll be doing your reading...must have the most auspicious of circumstances, y'know!

  2. It was a perfect evening! there were many surfers but they weren't near us *grin*

    Thank you so much for doing me a new reading!