Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter has Arrived!

Leaving work today was a relief!

I now have four days, starting with Good Friday going through to Monday. Then I shall work Tuesday, then I am off on Wednesday...

F is working Sunday and Monday so I will have two blissful, quiet crafting days...

F had booked Tuesday off. You see Tuesday is his birthday. I am however, somewhat bad at remembering numbers. To my eternal shame I booked the wrong day off. We realised this last night. I knew I would never get Tuesday off because of leave and training at work. F had to go to work and tell them why needed the day after his birthday off instead. He had to tell several different people. I am soooo going to blush the next time I see any of them.


I love this feeling of freedom. It may only be temporary but it is what keeps me going at work.

I could do ANYTHING over the next few days!

There is a feeling of possibility...

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