Tuesday, 7 April 2009


My other lover is not doing quite as well now as he was. I am on the third book and Edward is behaving like a slightly obsessive boyfriend. I still like him but now that first flush of romance is over, things aren't quite the same...

The first book was special and I suspect I shall read it many, many times over the forthcoming years. It joins a select group of other books that I re-read for various reasons... I think mostly because they make me happy in some way.

Magician by Raymond Feist -a fantastic adventure that follows two boys from humble beginnings to the realisation of their incredible destinies. The thing about the book is it carries you with it all the way. You care about Pug and Thomas.

Howl's Moving Castle by Dianne Wynne Jones - This book has since been turned into a film but for me, nothing beats the book. I like the story in the book much, much more. A bit of adventure, a lot of magic and a wee smidge of romance.

The Winding Stair - an old fashioned thriller / romance of a genre from a different age. I found this book at my Nan's one visit. Whenever we went there, I would bury myself in her pile of Mills and Boon romances. For me these books conjure memories of sitting in her conservatory with the view across the river as my family went about their own things, which some cases also included book reading. This book has a lovely little mystery and again, I adore the hero...

I love romance. I think romance is a difficult thing for most men to accomplish. Somehow if you tell them the romantic thing you would like them to do, it removes the romance. I love everything about F but sometimes, for a little extra dose of romance, I like a good book.

If you add into this that the best romantic heroes tend to be of the sort that don't always make quite such great long term partners.... I want to be sat on a rocking chair reading a good book at 80, with F on a rocking chair next to me snoozing away after he has finished doing some man thing in his shed. The sort of temperamental, talented and oh so male character that makes a good romantic lead doesn't tend to be the sort to have a shed, or snooze in a rocking chair.

I am quite happy to have my books....

Imagine if he didn't have sports, or computer games to vent that testosterone? I imagine he feels the same about the romance... *laugh*


  1. Ah...such truth you speak...:)

  2. such a thought provoking blog..I have linked to it.I need to visit every day.
    you have such a gift with words.as I read I could picture everything..not alot of writers have this gift.Keep it up!!