Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Grace and Little Princesses

i have discovered that I lack grace. The ability to just be at one with yourself and others under duress. Some people are assertive and when faced with stress they assert themselves and magically it seems to go away (at least most of the time it seems to, sometimes it escalates). Other people have grace and stuff just rides over them and doesn't stop and cause any problems...

I have neither, I have grump and stress and the empathic abilities of a hoover.

I also have the Little Princess. She is supposed to do the same job as me, she doesn't, she has fag breaks and chats. She works in a warehouse but yet she complains if she has to go near anything dirty. There are rooms we have to go to where the people are not as friendly and she avoids going and leaves it to me, all the time.

Why is it that those lovely little princesses manage to pull the wool over most peoples eyes? Why do people let them get away with it?

The worst thing is I have to go out now and be social with them all! So I can't blog or be creative or anything nice....

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