Sunday, 1 March 2009

Journal for a Boy

I have a young female relative who has just hit her teens. I love the idea of making a journal for her and making some beautiful girly pages for her to journal on. I would like to use about 12 sheets of paper to make 24 spreads. I would be stitched and bound in cardboard with a painted cotton exterior and a marbled interior.

I have already started thinking of spreads for it. A washy bluey greeny page with punched butterflies from green and blue holographic papers on a whirl of glitter laden air.... A simple border of black with pink and white flowers... Corner pieces made from card with those strange rotating patterns (you put your pencil in a frame and move around and around making an overlapping thing within a circle... not a very good description)... Glistening pink and purple pages.... Nothing to crowded so she doesn't feel able to write in it but enough to make each page beautiful for her...

The only problem is her brother... I have this problem with him repeatedly... I am fed up of making jewellery by stringing simple dull coloured beads as he really wouldn't like an intricate piece of beadweaving... So if I make her a journal, how am I going to do one for him? What do eleven year old boys who are dyslexic want in a journal? Do they actually want a journal? If they don't want a journal, what exactly do they want? I fear that just like my Stepson, he is getting perilously close to the age where the only things he actually wants are free or very, very expensive.

Any parents of boys out there (or anyone else) who would like to give me some suggestions?


  1. I have no suggestions for the brother but I love your girly journal idea - would you believe I was just pondering the exact same thing today for my 13 y.o. niece?!?! Swear! I'm not kidding...mind-link!!!

    Actually, does the brother like comics/video games/anime etc. and therefore the characters and therefore does he draw them or create his own and therefore would he like something to draw on/in? He wouldn't have to technically write in it....

  2. *laugh* we do seem to have so much in common.... Not a bad idea for the brother....