Monday, 2 March 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You

When I am tired I get grumpy. When it is bed time, I know it with all of myself. Anything that then stands between me and my bed at this time feels the full force of my grumpiness. There is no menace in it really. I just can no longer cope and have to sleep.

Last night we visited friends and we left just as I should have been clambering into bed at my accustomed time. As I began to grump, I could see F trying not to grin. He knows all the signs and reasons and can't take it very seriously at all. Of course not being taken seriously generally makes a grump more grumpy. This often occurs between F and I.

Of course it never lasts long. All I have to do is go to bed but failing that... I have told him many times how to deal with a grump but he invariably fails... Instead of giving me the appropriate hug and keeping quiet he just HAS to be cheeky. Cheekiness feeds grumps in the same way as not being taken seriously. Of course sometimes if the grump isn't too severe the cheekiness and good humour cause me to laugh at myself.... *sigh*

F doesn't grump, he rants. If something has annoyed him, he comes home and tells me all about it, in one giant long stream of loud and forceful opinion and feeling. This fine as long as you haven't just gotten in from a not quite so good day at work... Once he has had his rant, he tends to feel better but he has to then go and do something or he stays a little stuck in his rant.

He is a man of gusto. If he does things it is generally done in the typical Cornish relaxed and laid back way. Sometimes he gets so he has to do something now, righ this second. A great of energy is then spent in a vigorous way to achieve his aim. Sometimes he is very illogical in how he does whatever he is doing but he has to do it his way or his power of gusto wavers.

We have very different ways of reacting and dealing with things but that is a good thing, it means we don't get negative at the same time and that our negativity doesn't feed or generally cause negativity in the other. Of course I DO sometimes wish he wouldn't make me laugh when I want to be grumpy.... *laugh*

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