Saturday, 28 March 2009

Shine a Light

I started gathering candles earlier, in preparation. 21. Without even trying and only lighting nightlights that I had holders for. 21. Mostly covered in dust. Why are they so dusty? Why don't I use them? I like candlelight. The number of candles I have going, I could read by them pretty well to.

I turned off my electric fire, my lap top and the TV. F slunk off upstairs and played on his computer with the lights off. I read, all the time wishing I had already written this post so I could go to bed.

Tiredness has stalked me all day. I think it is the relief of having finally been able to stop that has done it. My head hurts and my bed calls me.... I need to go blow some candles out.

Tomorrow I shall hunt for Earth Hour things and see what I can find.

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