Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Green (Word Wednesday)

So this week I shall write about green.

Green is so often NOT my most favourite colour! I remember at one waitressing job I had to wear a lime green shirt. It really did not suit me! I also remember some emerald green clothes from years ago that looked lovely and made my eyes look greener and my near black hair very striking. Some greens are horrible and lurid and slimy looking, conjuring up images of dank and nasty places.

I guess one of the things about green is that there are just so many shades of green! Light has a wavelength and it is this wavelength that determines the colour that we see. Each colour covers a range of wavelengths (in nm or nano metres) with blue covering 40, violet 50, yellow 30, orange 40 but green and red cover 70. This means that within the colours red and green there are many more hues than in the other colours of the rainbow.

Every plant seems to have a different hue of green and it is plants that make me love green. Verdant and vibrant are the greens I love. The colour's of green I love are those of well watered plants, particularly verdant rain forests. Green seems to be a colour that flourishes with water.

Green is obviously both negative and positive in others minds as well for it is linked to envy and inexperience as well as being a lifestyle that attempts to live in greater harmony with nature.... Am I green? Not very. I live in the western world. I drive a car to work. I don't grow my own food. I am a consumer. I don't like this fact. Maybe there are shades of green, just like there are of grey. Maybe my shade is a slightly sickly one, indicating someone who tries but doesn't entirely suceed....

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  1. It's the effort that counts - each tiny change will have a ripple effect....just one light bulb, one tin in the recycling bin....:)