Sunday, 29 March 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days

There is a challenge I have come across on Collage Diva and Megan Warren's sites. I have pondered on it a little and the idea has settled. I think it might be a good thing for me to have a go at. So I am going to have a go at writing a list. The idea originated on this site and there is a useful link to a site which can calculate when your 1001 days will end. I discovered that 1001 days from now takes you to very close to the end of 2011, in fact if I begin on the 4th April, my challenge will end on the 31st December 2011. This somehow feels quite symbolic. Some ideas for the list have already sprung into my mind with ease but 101 is a lot of things!

P.S. It is soooo hard thinking of 101 things! It took me hours and a lot of surfing the lists of others.

1. Get married (I have the man, I just have to get round to arranging it)
2. Read 100 new to me books
3. Buy and read the National Geographic each month
4. Send all cards and presents to my family on time!
5. Lose ten stone (ouch, that hurts saying that... *sigh*)
6. Get fit
7. Walk in at least three beautiful places each week with Little Dog
8. Complete 'A Witch Alone' by Marian Green at least once.
9. Visit at least ten holy wells in Cornwall including the two at Holywell Bay and Madron Well
10. Learn to sew
11. Learn to use my sewing machine
12. Take a Tai Chi class
13. Take a calligraphy class (so inspired by some of the calligraphy I have been seeing on blogs)
14. Create a piece of art for the large empty wall in my lounge
15. Make a papier mache dragon
16. Make Montol masks for F and I to wear at Montol (local winter solstice celebration)
17. Grow some food, somewhere, somehow!
18. Learn more about photography
19. Learn to draw spirals a la Aidan Meehan
20. Write an average of seven blog posts a week - long or short
21. Learn more about book binding
22. Climb Roche's Rock
23. Complete five 1000 piece jigsaws (I love jigsaws and have more than five but I struggle to make space for them...)
24. Design and make my own Christmas cards and send at least 50.
25. Complete a Deck of Me
26. Make F a successful Birthday cake
27. Put together an altar / shrine and ensure it follows the seasons and festivals.
28. Complete multi-media soul journal style pictures to celebrate each festival.
29. Read half the books on the list of 100 books sent me by my Uncle (will explain in a separate blog post)
30. Read the bible (in the view of reclaiming my Christian heritage and the pagan aspects contained within it, surely I should make a little effort? This book has caused a lot of fuss over the years...)
31. Have a henna tattoo
32. Have my hair braided
33. Visit Men an Tol
34. Go skinny dipping at night in the sea
35. Live in a house with an open fire (by either sorting out our chimney or moving)
36. Own and read all of Charles de Lint's books (as long as I can buy them for a reasonable price - some of his rarer books are veyr expensive I think!)
37. Make some beautiful jewellery from the vintage coral and pearl beads given me by my Grandmother
38. Learn to crochet
39. Make a multi-coloured crochet blanket
40. Take Little Dog to dog training classes
41. Drink a cup of herbal tea every day
42. Donate something to charity each month
43. Make a pretty soul journal for my niece
44. Eat in ten different expensive restaurants with F
45. Go to the theatre five times
46. Go to a Salsa evening with F
47. Use some of my button collection (some of which came from my Great-Grandma) to make something
48. Buy and use an oracle deck
49. Learn to identify 20 different types of tree
50. Go on a wildlife spotting boat trip
51. Visit ten different gardens in Cornwall
52. Visit ten ancient sites where people lived, such as hill forts, in Cornwall
53. Write a real letter to a friend each month
54. Learn more about mazes
55. Experiment with one new herb or spice in my cooking each month
56. Eat at least 7 pieces of a fruit a week
57. Send a card to Post Secret
58. Use some Islamic designs in my artwork
59. Visit and look round ten unfamiliar Cornish towns
60. Participate in at least one blog inspired art swap every six months
61. Start a blog award targeting those new to blogging or who have very few followers
62. Take part in Project Spectrum
63. Take part in Creative Every Day
64. Take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month)
65. Buy fish from a local fish market and cook it
66. Redecorate every room in my house
67. Take part in the Soul Journal yahoo group prompts
68. Learn 20 constellations
69. Learn to recognise 20 bird calls
70. Send a message in a bottle
71. Give blood
72. Go to the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle
73. Watch a performance at the Minack Theatre
74. Send one Postcross card a month
75. Have watched half of the films on this list of 250 greatest films
76. Pay off my overdraft
77. Make a mobile for my landing
78. Get hold of my family tree and turn it something meaningful to me
79. Visit five different Cornwall Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves
80. Visit the most northern, most southern, most western and most eastern points of mainland UK (excluding Ireland, unless something very interesting happens)
81. Photograph each of these points
82. Get rid of all the clothes I will never wear again, even if I could fit into them.
83. Repaint the old metal trunk I have
84. Go on a ghost tour
85. Have my picture drawn or painted
86. Grow seven herbs or spices for use in my kitchen
87. Buy and use a wormery
88. Make a rug out of the jeans and cords I should have gotten rid of.
89. Make a charm bag for me
90. Make a charm bag for two friends
91. Research an aspect of Cornish history
92. Write and post article on Cornish history on the internet
93. Take part in a photographic scavenger hunt
94. Decorate the stone in my kitchen
95. Make sugar skulls for Samhain
96. Make a cuddly toy
97. Have a go at encaustic art
98. Create a wish jar
99. Collect all the loose change from around the house and turn it into real money...
100. Give £10 to charity for every task unfinished
101. Write a new list with any uncompleted tasks at the top.


  1. This ROCKS!! Naturally, I will copy you..also naturally, I may have to steal many of your ideas...but only 'cos I want to do them too!!!

  2. *laugh* Most excellent!

    I had to borrow ideas from loads of the lists published on the main website.... It is really, really hard thinking up 101 things!