Thursday, 5 March 2009


I was reading about dreams this morning on the Creative Every Day site. Dreams are... This post looked at some of the links with creativity and how ideas can spring from the place where dreams happen.

It occurred to me that although I do remember some of my dreams, I only tend to remember the odd or confusing ones well. There are some dreams I don't remember at all when I wake but some trace of them lingers although all but that trace is lost the moment I awake.

Sometimes I awake with this wonderful feeling of contentment and excitement and happiness as if I had been dreaming the most wonderful things. I almost feel puzzled for a moment when I awaken as to what about my life would have made me feel that excited and happy. It is an indescribable feeling and I wish I knew what I dreamt of on those occasions.

Other times I wake up with music in my head and I know that a second ago I was listening to the most divine and pure and beautiful music, beyond any such music I could even begin to imagine during my waking moments. Again when this happens I feel bereft and wish I could remember how it sounded. Wish I could find this beautiful music in the waking world.

As I drove home tonight it occurred to me that my heart was singing happily and the emotion it was singing was that same one I sometimes awaken with. Since I reawakened my spirituality and creativity and bought the power of blogging into my life, things have started to shift in my head. The job I have now, unlikely as it seemed in the beginning, is the one of my New Year's wish. I think working in proper offices constrained something in me and all the things currently in my life have helped to set it free. The dream feeling is it seems real. Maybe the music is to....

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  1. Yes, the power of blogging, as you put it, seems to be greater than I'd imagined it could be. Joining this world has awakened my creativity, and I feel so much more in tune with life. Everyday now I ache to write or create. And I do seem to be having more vivid dreams too. I'm intrigued by the differences in how people dream. I think I'm a predominantly empathic person, meaning my feelings are my dominant sense. And I dream in feelings, often with very little visual detail, or not that I can recall.
    It's lovely to read your blog Rose, and thanks for dropping by mine yesterday.
    Bright Blessings.