Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wishful Thinking

I have dreams, just like most people. A couple of days ago, i found the embodiment of those dreams. 42 acres, with 6 of woodland, 32 of fields, a couple of gardens and the rest of sundry areas including a nice long private drive. A beautiful old house with bags of charm and character. A barn converted into three letting cottages, another barn, a garage and an external study. With a river running through and plenty of watery-ness. Perfect.

So in the interests of manifestation I have decided to spend a lot of time picturing myself living there. Manifestation is a big topic in the Artist's Way for this week. Putting your dreams out there and allowing the universe to fulfil them is what it's all about. Now I would love to see the universe give me the means to buy a mini-estate with a value of over a million pounds, but short of freak accidents to everyone I am related to or the lottery jackpot coming my way, I can't see it happening. Losing my family would be too high a price to pay for any dream. At the root of this dream is the desire for place and family afterall.... And with a family like mine I already have so much to be grateful for.

So I have a dull job that I can do and let my brain take me off to other places. This week I have been living on the estate and to be honest, I have really, really enjoyed it. I am not finding it easy picturing everyday like, mostly because I don't know whether we would be working, or me at home with a fledgling brood or what. I picture walking with Little Dog through the woods and to the river. I picture vague shadows of other unknown dogs cavorting around but I don't know them, how they would come to us or when and I certainly have no fixed ideas of what they might look like.

To be honest, what I seem to be spending most time on is my wedding. Or rather the party to be held afterwards on my mini-estate. The complex details of families and festivities have sucked me in. I have struggled with the idea of a venue for my wedding and suddenly, here it is.

Now you might think I am getting my hopes up about nothing and to be honest, maybe I am, at least a part of me is. The rest of me however has discovered that dwelling in this lovely dream is a beautiful place to take my mind away from the dullness of work. I feel happy. I have spent the the last couple of days in the place of my dreams and no one can take that away from me. Fancy joining me tomorrow?


  1. If you look carefully, you'll see that OUR farm-by-the-water is right next-door to your mini-estate. I've been spending a lot of time there myself the last few days, I'm surprised we haven't run into one another..perhaps we're each exploring the opposite sides of our land...

    How about we meet for tea in your garden? I'm in the midst of digging the veggie beds so ours is a little mucky at the moment. Our three hounds can frolic with Little Dog while you and I plot your grand wedding.....

    I am WAY into manifesting some SERIOUS energy on our little patch of paradise.....if you don't dream it, how can you do it?


  2. Dream, dream away, you never know :-)

  3. Love to join you! Keep dreaming. My niece and her husband won $4.4 million on the lottery last September. If they can win anyone can. Or who knows, the universe has in interesting way of manifesting what we feel strongly about. What Rose wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

  4. OH I so hope your dreams can come true...they say we have to see it to believe it. Heres to dreaming!

  5. That would be perfect. I reckon I will there all day, although I might pop out for lunch, so come on over anytime and we can pick herbs and make tea and sit under the trees and plot.... It is all so new I hadn't gotten to visiting with the neighbours and I must say, I should have known they would be absolutely fantastic...

    Thanks for all your extra wish power ladies...!

  6. It is not possible to get our hopes up too high; it is very usual to set our hopes too low.

    Reach for it....reach high and hard.

    What falls into your dream and hope net may just astound you.