Saturday, 12 September 2009


So many things seem to be happening right now. So many things seem to be about to start. So very much a time of change.

The weather has suddenly decided to go all summery. Beautiful clear skies. Air so fresh it tastes sweet. A beautiful gentle warmth cooled by sea breezes. Lovely. And I like it even more because it isn't Summer. There is a slight nip to the air at times that lets you know this Autumn. The night is lasting longer and longer. This is September at it's best.

The last few days I have been stuck in work of a day and to busy of an evening to make it to the beach. So I promised Little Dog we would go first thing today. And we did. 8 am found us stepping onto Perranporth Beach with a fairly low tide giving huge expanses of golden fluffy sand. And I do really mean fluffy because the beach cleaning tractor was there sifting sand for trash and laying it back like a fluffy powdery stuff.

Little Dog was pretty good and I got a better balance today between her desire to chase after the ball and her need to not run herself ragged. As we left the beach it was just beginning to get warm enough to make running risky for her. She cooled off in the stream before we headed back to the car.

A good start to the day. I then spoke to my Mum and discovered she is also trying to lose weight right now for her diabetes. She has decided to give herself a treat with every half stone. She is going to buy a troll bracelet with her first milestone and a troll bead or charm for it every one after that. We are going to do this together now because it is such a lovely idea. By the time I am thin I should have a beautiful collection of beads that I would have trouble justifying normally.

The diet is going OK. I have planned the meals for the rest of this week now which seemed to take ages. It doesn't feel easy yet. Last nights tea was a glitch though.... Now I just have to make myself cook it all and stick to it. I need to make myself go out shopping really... I left lunch to late and let myself get hungry. This is something I do and then I go and get all the wrong foods....

The new TV has arrived but I can not unpack it until F gets back. It is our first real big purchase of something new together and as such we will enjoy it's first moments together. I would love to be able to watch it tonight though... Oh well....

Work has gone a little odd in some ways but in others it is fine.

Jewellery making is now progressing at a snail's pace. I am making a bracelet for my Aunt (thankfully she has tiny wrists) using tiny delica beads sewn into tiny squares and then sewn together. The way it sits is a bit like an egg box sort of a shape. F's Mum's necklace has ground to a halt because I ran out of beads. My sister's earrings have swelled in number to three sets but I got bored of earrings and stopped for a bit. My Mum's bracelet is done. This just leaves my Neice, who isn't turning gothy after all. Of course this is only the first round - they all need birthday and Christmas presents....

On other crafting - I need to do some silk painting and some sewing (eek) and some how neither seem to be getting started. It is just a question of making myself get started really... *sigh*

Some major decluttering has been accomplished while I was safely out of the way at work. F has removed a wardrobe and now I can actually see all of the width of the window from the bed. The room seems so much brighter suddenly!

I think I am putting off going shopping....


  1. what a perfect post, i don't know why, but i thought it was sweet :)

    how cool with the jewelery- the bracelet sounds fantastic! will you take pictures for us to see?

  2. It makes your head spin at times, doesn't it? All the details of living a life. Even when you plan to be simple in your desires, intentions, and's still so much...

    I love your idea of the troll beads! Wonderful.

  3. You really have been making some positive changes and doing some decluttering. Amazing how TAW gets things moving. Good luck with the food changes, I'm sure it will go well once you get into the swing of it. Nice that you have F to be there with you so you are eating the same things.
    Good luck.

  4. Sounds like you had a productive day. Your like me if I run out of the right food...oh my gosh. Take care.

  5. It is really odd I keep thinking TAW isn't doing anything but I guess things are happening. The Spiral Path and Fat Fighters and I am back enjoying making jewellery....

    I had to plan a weeks worth of food. I found that really, really hard. F works shifts so I have to know when he is here and when he isn't before he starts and then he goes and changes shifts and I have the wrong food in...

    I am also finding our tastes in food difficult. You can choose a carb or a protein day and he is a meat eater all the way whereas I need the carbs to bulk up. So picking meals feels hard at the moment... I guess we will settle into it.

  6. Oh and piccies of the bracelet are on my creative blog...