Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Home Sweet Blog

I am slowly coming to realise that I miss updating my blog each day. I find that by coming and writing here, I come to unusual subjects, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes when I have nothing to write about, a post appears from nowhere as I sit with my laptop. I think this is what I miss most, those things that come when I have nothing.

I never started writing this blog for others. It was always about me. The fact that others find it interesting is a bonus. Maybe I am ending up back where I started.

When I first started I didn't read other blogs because I hadn't found any. I slowly found interesting blogs and started to follow them. Some of the writers became good friends, a real part of my life. Others were blogs I read in passing, some were busy blogs I admire greatly and read voraciously but commented little, others flooded my life with visual beauties.

Eventually it got too much. I couldn't keep up. Slowly I stopped reading the vast majority of blogs that I follow. I had overdosed on other people's lives and needed to spend a little more time living my own. So I did and then I stopped writing a daily post because that got too much as well. I had done it for months and months and I guess i needed a break from that too.

I think it is really important to think about what you want and need when getting involved in things online. I am part of four yahoo groups, three book groups, a writing group and four social networks. I have email and facebook correspondence with friends and relatives. I have online games such as My Fairyland and Wordscraper which I play against my Dad. I have too much!

I have collected all these things and slowly I am finding that they are crowding out the things that blogging first bought to my life. I can spend the whole day online trying to keep up with it all. My crafting has dropped to a little beading in front of the TV. I havn't painted silk, art journaled or anything else in quite a while. Little Dogs explorations of new places have become less frequent. I research fewer topics to write about on my blog. Most of the activities I do are there to try and make me better or to increase my creativity and assist with what I produce but they have gotten to the point where they are stopping it, not helping it....

So what do I want? I want to write my blog. I want to play My Fairyland and Wordscraper and chat via email with my mates. I want to make social networks work for me, not I for them. I want to slowly and gently work on A Witch Alone. I want to slowly finish The Artist's Way. I am not sure it is the right time for The Joy Diet, I am actually pretty happy in myself! Do I want to reset my yahoo groups so I don't get all the email updates? not sure...

But writing, here, has come to be pretty important to me. I think it is a gentle form of the Morning Pages. A lot less brutal than them but things still come out....

So the ride will continue and perhaps a little more frequently than recently too....


  1. I am glad you will continue to write here. I have always enjoyed your writing.

    I have found myself a little overloaded with 'stuff' in my online communities. Just last week I had to say no and get rid of a few things to simplify my online experience. I decided not to participate in the Joy Diet right now and a few other group activities. I just want to 'be' for awhile and see what happens. No committments. I'm trying to opted out of a bunch of email as well. We'll see where it all ends up.


  2. Go Sister GO! I am also snowed under with a variety of group[s and site. I love to catch up on blogs but then I find I don't write. Lots of stuff comes to meduring the day and I seriousley want to write....but then time flies. I think over time you will know the blogs that are the most important to you. Many of us I believe are soul sisters, coming together to cheer each other on in good times and love and support in bad. Yes I agree, I believe that my blog is a very similar idea to the morning pages and I've thought about this for a while....hmmmm you see....theres another blog post coming on! Oh so much to write and so little time!!!! LOL.
    Blog when it feels right, but please whatever you do, dont stop!

    Love and bright blessings,
    Sue xxx

  3. ((((hugs)))))) I know what you mean...all of overwhelms, we retreat, we learn what are the important ones...and we come back...

    Turning back up the spiral myself, actually...

    Glad to see you back in your space..


  4. I have been blogging for around 5 years now.. I started blogging when there weren't many bloggers like us and slowly I met a few, then more and more.. I got caught up in the commenting thing..and then I started to dislike blogging because of the pressure.. I am in many yahoo groups, mostly to do with witchcraft and herbalism/folklore.. and I am a member of two Ning networks (yours and mine).. and i am doing Artists way - oh and Earth Healers!! ( I closed facebook a little while ago but will go back to it shortly when I go away to Tasmania).. at the moment, I seem to be coping ok, but sometimes it all gets too much and I need to reign my energies in because I feel as if I am scattered all over the net. I think each of us has to find our balance in this and remember it does change quite often.. when we might outgrow or move on from different things :)

  5. it is always nice to know that this is a process we all go through...

    Thank you Sue for agreeing about it being a bit like the morning pages - it makes me feel better about the frequency with which I do them!

    Sara, I hope the no commitments thing goes well! Very brave ditching emails!

    So glad your spiral is turning back as well Mel!

    Interesting feeling being scattered all over the net isn't it Miss*R!

  6. This is for you Rose

    Hope you like it (big grin)
    Sue xxx

  7. I am glad you will continue to blog. I look forward to reading your posts. But I know what you mean - I have slowly cut back as well. During the summer I was blogging almost every day. When it begins to be a chore, it is not worth it. I so enjoy the connections - but deadlines haven't been great.
    Do take care.