Thursday, 17 September 2009


Yay! After my first week of the new regime I have lost 4.5 pounds! And that was with a few bits of chocolate here and there and a few other naughties... Troll bracelet here I come!

I havn't found it easy adjusting because suddenly when you start weighing and measuring things you discover there isn't enough of them to base a meal on them. We will settle into it I feel and I like the group support thing....

Tomorrow is the full moon and it feels like some sort of changing time tipping point. Lots of things start tomorrow it feels. I have things I need to get done tomorrow evening. I also have thoughts zooming....

It has been an emotionally draining week. There seems to be a lot going on at work (understatement) and with my reduced free time due to cooking alterations I just seem to have even less time than normal.... eek!


  1. cONGRATULATIONS ! On your feels good when you see results!!! be sure to post a picture of your bracelet so we can see as it gains beads!

  2. Congratulations. So great to see results for your efforts! Keep up the good work.

  3. that is the way to do it... will look back oneday soon and see how much you have lost.. go to the supermarket and find some butter weighing 4.5lbs and see how much that is. as to not enough ingredients for a meal.. I think the biggest thing for me was the portions.. once I got them down, the rest was quite easy.. if you are still hungry, salad is ok..

    (ps tomorrow is new moon xo)

  4. Yippee!!!!! Fantabulous!! Congratulations!! Very well done!! (I could go on....)

    Again, I admire your fortitude....*sigh*

    Yes, post piccies of the bracelet...and if you wouldn't mind explaining in a bit more detail what a troll bracelet actually is? I have this image of those little plastic dolls with bright fuzzy hair (that's what 'trolls' are over here...) perhaps I'm just out of the loop....;)

    Very change-y indeed...feeling that...

    ~love~ xoxoxoxox

  5. yes......what is a troll bracelet????? ?I wanted a picture so I could rule out the fuzzy hair dolls that Mel talked about too!

  6. Wow! almost five pounds! Oh, I've been at this since the end of May and am only down 16 so you are doing just grrrand!