Monday, 7 September 2009

TAW Week Five

Time for another TAW session! I am sure you all enjoy reading these *laugh*

The Virtue Trap Quiz
The biggest lack in my life is fitness
The greatest joy in my life is F
My largest time commitment is work
As I play more, I work less
I feel guilty that I am fat
I worry that I will never realise my dreams
If my dreams come true, my family would celebrate
I sabotage myself so people will feel comfortable and less threatened by me
If I let myself feel it, I'm angry that I have no career
One reason I get sad sometimes is boredom

It seems my life doesn't actually serve anyone....

Forbidden Joys
Beautiful clothes that fit!
Horse riding
Walking long distances
A good warm and waterproof outdoor coat
A pair of fur lined boots from the Celtic Sheepskin Company
Doing a jigsaw
Live on a large plot of land with a stream or river, woods, fields for animals, room for gardens and food growing and a forest garden, with a beautiful old or eco home.
Take a Tai chi class
Become confident at sewing
Make a rug

Wish List
I wish for joy and bountiful happiness
I wish for stars to dangle from my ceiling
I wish for a warm and snuggly bed
I wish for a new mattress
I wish for a newspaper sanded floor
I wish for another dog
I wish for children
I wish to have no need to 'work' in a dull job
I wish for butterflies to hang from my plants
I wish for a green man face for my garden
I wish for a door from my lounge into my garden
I wish for more light in my house
I wish to never feel cold
I wish for better circulation
I wish for a quicker metabolism
I wish for dragons

I guess if I had to list my desires, most of them, the deepest ones, centre around where I would like to live. I want land. I want to grow my own food. I want to have sheep and goats and pigs and maybe a cow or two along with some horses and chickens. I want a forest garden. I want a wood with bluebells. I want some wild boggy land and a river and a pond. I want a home, either an old on or one I have designed and built myself. I want a home for the family I want to have. I found the perfect place online last night for the bargain price of £1,250,000... 42 acres with 6 acres of wood and a river, a lovely old stone house, three letting cottages converted from an old barn, a barn, an external study and a lovely long private drive..... I want it!

Five Imaginary Lives
Trapeze Artist (? *laugh*)
Crane Driver
All a bit random really, except the links to animals and the wanting to be a Mother....

If I were twenty and had money....
At 20 I didn't want children, I wasn't ready and it wasn't anywhere near time. So my wishes for me back then are so different for what I would wish for me now...

I would travel and have adventures. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. Climb Uluru. Go to Borneo and travel up river to visit indigenous folk. Explore cave systems in the middle of rainforests. Walk the great wall of China. Travel across the Mongolian desert. Visit exotic ruins in Egypt by moonlight. Stay in a cliff house. Visit Machu Picchu. Fly over the Atacama desert. Travel around the Grand Canyon everyway i can. Ride horses on a ranch. Go white water rafting. Watch crocodiles in mangrove swamps. Glide down river at dusk watching fire flies. Visit the North Pole at the Summer Solstice. Cruise along the Nile. Climb Mount Kilamanjiro. These are the things I should have been doing at 20....

If I were 65 and had money...
My children would have left home and be exploring their dreams with our loving support and generous trust funds. Maybe one of them might have returned home, ready to settle and to begin, slowly taking over some of the land, maybe living in one of the holiday cottages. F and I would begin to holiday more. A little charity work maybe and a lot more crafts and maybe a few grandchildren.... A balanced life that reflects our bodies gently decreasing ability for hard labour...

Ten items I would like to own but don't
A good warm and waterproof outdoor coat.
sheepskin lined boots from the Celtic Sheepskin Company
A TV (arriving on Saturday! Yay!)
A leather corner sofa
Weebles ( a fantastic toy from my childhood...)
More music that I love from my teen days - particularly grunge and alternative rock
A wedding ring
A decent mattress, preferably memory foam
A SMART roadster (a sporty looking eco car)
A horse


  1. All these things sound wonderful, I would love to have land and grow and be healthy to do all the things you have listed. I believe anything is possible. Who Knows maybe you will get that house, it sounds fabulous. I like you need more fitness, higher metabolism. I can really relate with that with you. Do what you can, be well. Beautiful post.

  2. I remember weebles, my kids had them. They are very cute and fun. *grin* Can you still buy them?

    You really know yourself well. What Rose wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

  3. Rose, your work from TAW is so inspiring ~ I love reading your posts about it. Funny that I haven't felt to write more publicly about mine ... well, I've skipped so many of the exercises that I feel like a bit of a fraud ... but just don't know where I'd squeeze any more time into the week to do them. So, reading your responses to the exercises really helps me think about what I might have written if I'd actually done them myself.
    Actually, I did do the Virtue Trap one, as it was SO SIGNIFICANT. Didn't it just rock your world? And maybe leave you reeling for a few days? I didn't realize that I was still serving everyone else and not me. Well. Thank the Goddess for Julia Cameron.

    Lots of love xx

  4. Weebles - my Mum regrets getting rid of ours. They don't make them any more but they did bring them back briefly a long time ago but they were not the same...

    Thank you Sam! The exercises will always be there, waiting for you when you are drawn to them...