Sunday, 20 September 2009

Week 6

Money Madness
People with money are lucky
Money makes people lazy
I'd have more money if I won the lottery
My dad thought money was precious
My mum thought money was easily spent
In my family, money caused secrets
Money equals fame
If I had money I'd travel
If I could afford it, I'd buy some land
If I had some money, I'd learn lots of crafts
I'm afraid that if I had money I would never leave my house
Money is evil
Money causes unhappiness
Having money is not selfless
In order to have more money, I'd need to be career motivated
When I have money, I usually spend it
I think money can bring happiness
If I weren't so cheap I'd do up my house
People think money is evil
Being broke tells me I should look at my bank balance more before spending

I don't like this week. There are no easy written exercises. No thinky things. Just doing things. I havn't done my morning pages much recently either. Do I really believe I can be prosperous? I don't think I do. Not every day for sure.

Clearing out is something we have planned anyway... F and I have decided as we are both off work this week that we should gather things for a car boot. I am always picking up pebbles at the beach... Now I need to pick and dry flowers. Say yes to freebies? What freebies - I havn't noticed any - does that mean I didn't notice or that there weren't any?



  1. Interesting to look at our attitudes and beliefs towards money and then when we do it's obvious why we don't have any and don't get any freebies. We're closed to the possiblilities. That's the case for me, I know. When I feel open and believe in the abundance of the universe things come much easier to me and when I am open a looking serendipidy happens. If only we could do it all the time. Having the boot sale will make room for new stuff! Good luck with it.

  2. Money is different things to different people that's for sure and we are in a spend, spend society. I hear so many young people say they are going to spend it now and enjoy it while they can because you might die tomorrow. But what happens if you don't die...what if you live to a ripe old age but you've spent all your money. Do you now spend your Golden years homeless or at best struggling to get by. Do you consider yourself lucky that you didn't die young or unlucky. Money, life everything else needs to be kept in balance, spend some and enjoy it but don't waste never know, you may be a senior citizen one day.

  3. Sometimes it's hard for me to say yes to freebies because then the feeling is that something is owed....weird hang-up, that one and not very in line with an abundant way of thinking. *shrug* But I am getting better...and I'm getting better at giving away stuff that I don't want/need so that balances things out....

    Speaking of which...we (okay, I) am undergoing a Major Purge of Crap around here. Savannah and I spent the day going through her room...aka the Crap Storehouse and had a monumental declutter. 'Twas a grand thing....and that's just Phase 1....I'm aiming for simplicity in all things..and that includes the *stuff*.

  4. cleaning out for the boot sale will start moving energy.. it depends also on what you class as 'freebies'..I think many of us are closed to the abundance of life.. find some affirmations to help with that...

    morning pages drive me nuts.. I struggle with them every single day.. sometimes I do them without much effort, but most days all I write is waffle, dribble just to fill 3 pages.