Monday, 14 September 2009

I am tired, grumpy and hungry. I don't think I have anything nice to say. Nothing that is properly me. I have spinach and riccota canneloni in the oven and I made the filling. I don't t hink changing diets is a nice happy thing.... I hope I adjust soon...


  1. Hugs Hun ~ starting a new diet is a real challenge. This is the toughest week. Try to find something nice to distract yourself with. Or if it gets too bad, go for damage limitation ~ just a little bit of what you fancy, instead of a lot. When I diet I always find it helps if I drink loads of fluids too, especially water. Hey, have you done a Willpower Spell to give yourself extra strength? It is Dark Moon too, so be kind to yourself.

  2. Boo. I'm sorry you feel yucky. However, that caneloni sounds YUMMY. And you made the stuffing yourself/??? that's fantastic!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. You will.

    The moon wanes....


  4. changing diet is difficult, I agree. A few years ago, I had to lose weight to help get my cholesterol down. I joined weight watchers and as soon as I had the 'diet' in my hot little hand, I thought I was going to starve..
    spinach and ricotta canneloni sounds delicious! make a nice crisp fresh salad to go with it and have a wine glass full of water with a slice of lemon. add flowers to the table and make the meal special.. you can do this! and yes, dark moon time.. always difficult.. add some candles to meal times xo

  5. Hope your spirits rise soon. Having to give up a major comfort is not fun! *hugs*