Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fat Fighting

Tonight F and I joined fat fighters*. We received books telling us how to calculate what we should eat and how much. It is a diet of choice, so many things form option A, so many from B and all the healthy things we can eat till they come out of ears.

I was left feeling a little panicy. How do I digest all these books in time to get food in tonight so that I have something to eat tomorrow? I am out tomorrow for a roast and some alcohol, how on earth can I justify falling off the wagon before I even really got on?

I at once have too much info in my hands and not enough because what I have, I have to make apply to me and quickly. I also am going to have to adjust my intake of calcium pretty radically. Being a non-milk sort of a person, I top up on calcium rich foods when I have cravings and not generally before. But now cheese and milk are going to be forced into my diet whether I much like it or not.... Or at least, having not read much, that is how it seems...

Anyway, I have many books to read and a pizza to eat(it starts tomorrow).

*not the real name of the group in question but a fictional name taken from the TV series Little Britain...


  1. I don't think there's any rule anywhere that says you have to do everything at once. If you dive in, you might get put off by the overwhelmingness of it all and get discouraged.

    My sage advice is to take your time and make little changes first...set yourself up for success, in other words.

    Oh, and remember, there are other non-dairy options for calcium...oatstraw and nettle mixed with a dash o' peppermint makes a lovely calcium-rich herbal tea - or do you really HAVE to do the milk and cheese thing? I rarely drink milk either....I did the soy milk thing for a while but...

    You CAN do this...I just know you can....


  2. Dear Rose,
    I am just telling you this because I haven't been posting as normal. My mother died last night. I have known this was coming but... you are never really ready. My daughter is house sitting and I'm alone. We went today and handled the details but I have hit a brick wall. I am curled in a fetal position in my bed and that's all that feels good right now. I love our conversations...just wanted you to know.

  3. Congratulations for taking that big step. I know its not easy , I got into chocolate today, what's a girl to do. I am trying to forgive myself when I fail, so I get right back at it. I wish you well. Big Hug.

  4. Thought of you today...I'm in my waning moon phase and eating everything I can get my lips on -- I admire anyone who has the courage and will-power to REGULATE and BE VERY AWARE of what they're eating...*sigh* just makes me feel like such a wretch when I do this..but,like my Dear Cinner says, 'what's a girl to do?'

    There's just so much more than mere sustenance wrapped up in food, isn't there?


  5. I'm right there with you! And, I like Fat Fighters. I've never understood why I wanted to be a Weight Watcher. That seems stupid. The watching it I mean....