Saturday, 19 September 2009

Troll Beads

A Troll bracelet was a type invented in Denmark. They are generally made of metal and the original ones look like they are made of woven strands of wire. They are flexible and have a circular cross section. At one end of the bracelet the catch comes off so you can thread on troll beads.

Troll beads are round like polo mints or rubber rings. Some are beautiful glass with metal lining the hole. Others are metal charms. There are many designs...

You can go to Troll Beads or Lovelinks to see quite a lot... There are other sellers too...


  1. mmmm.... like the look of some of these.... interesting possibilities...

  2. There are some beautiful beads, something really nice to look forward to and the bracelet with be a touchstone to remind you of your success.

  3. There is a lovely tree spirit catch and I want that to be my second purchase after I get the basic bracelet. I love that my Mum and I are both going to do this. I love this idea of hers...

  4. are they like Pandora bracelets?

  5. yes, I see they are.. by following the link - duh! xi

  6. oh i see! now i know what they are!
    there is a little jewellery shop in lymington that sells them and i have always stopped to look at the different beads~they must be special for i am not a person that ever looks in a jewellery shop window!
    i have to say i would like to make one of my own!

  7. Aha!! Nothing at all like the plastic fuzzy-haired dolls!! (thank goddess!)

    Wow...they are so magically, deliciously gorgeous....and so perfect to map your journey...


  8. Well..I actually have some troll beads..and I did not know it! I usually collect buttons and beuatiful beads when I go to garage and estate sales and I do have some of these in my stash!
    I think they are lovely and a full bracelet of these would really be fabulous!!