Friday, 13 November 2009


A while back, some years ago in fact. F was talking at work with someone and that lovely person recommended a computer game called World of Warcraft. This game is a curse and a blessing as far as I am concerned. I made some fantastic friends and the best times were great, really great. It takes over your life though and sometimes you find yourself at odds with groups of people and things go awry.

in WoW there are loads of servers and you pick one to play on. They are like parallel worlds, each populated by different gamers. F started on the server of his mate but I felt that it was a boys group and wasn't sure of my welcome so joined a new role play server.

I found myself in a golden age of RP on that server. There were two rival guilds and the plot line between the two allowed for some fantastic game play. It felt as if most players on the server knew the plot and were bit characters. I remember one night when our political cause took a down turn and I, along with the other members of my guild, found ourselves hunted through the streets of Stormwind by a raging mob. Fantastic times...

The political purpose of the two guilds slowly spent itself and a small group of friends formed a new guild, a very small guild. We were quite well respected though. Some of our members played with some of the major guilds of the time and we all have roleplay friends doted around. Our guild may have been small but it was well respected and we were all very good friends within. F had seen how much fun I was having and came and joined in as well....

Good things can not last though. Life got in the way and different people disappeared for various reasons and our tiny guild was too small to sustain loss like that. What is the point of being in a guild if you are always alone? It disintegrated and some of us spun off into the biggest RP guild on the server. Others remained independent and others vanished from the game.

The new guild wasn't home. Too big, too many politics, too ambitious. Now for a boring bit. My main character is a warrior, a tank. This is an important role in any group and I wasn't bad at it. The problem is that the tank tends to be the one who leads the group. I just didn't have an ego big enough for that job and I didn't want it. I found myself brow beaten and unhappy. A lot of good people refuse to play tanks because of the pressure...

Unhappy, F and I flitted off to the initial server and joined up with his mates. This was fine but different. One of our good friends joined us and to be honest their wasn't many of us left by that time. i got bored of the game and got a life. F and friend carried on, changed games for a while and then went back.

I havn't played in about two years.

All of a sudden F and friend have been looking at the RP server again and our old friends. Some of them have returned! And F and friend are going back and I am going to join in too.... i will not become an addict again, I will not! I will not lose my honnies and blogging and all, but... I want to go reminiesce a bit. I want to do some play acting. I want to chat with old friends.... Time for a bit of a change to tide me through the dark winter months....


  1. Rose I know nothing about these games but I understand needing a change for the winter ahead. take Care. Have fun.

  2. awesome. Andrew used to play, since the beta version he tells me. lol. he hasn't played for about a year, even cancelled his subscription! (gasp!).
    it wasn't me though, i told him NOT to cancel it, but he was ready.
    he used to only play when I wasn't around actually.... and there were only a few timed raids that I was there for.

    definitely name WoW Widow/ers for a reason! :)

  3. RP is a really funny thing like that - there's an ebb and flow, as people come and go. I play on Feathermoon server, and we're in a HUGE high point, after having had a kind of meh summer in terms of things going on and people getting involved.

    That said, it's very possible to be involved without being totally absorbed, and I hope you find the balance! (And maybe stop by my blog sometime - I talk about RP and gaming!)

  4. I have definitely had times when i have been a wow widow... Enjoying it for now though!

  5. This is utterly foreign to me....but I know of some folk who do play - my b-i-l being one of them..

    ...trouble is my (virtual)-addictive personality...still, all things tend to run their course..

    Sounds like a fun way to spend the darkening times to me...:)