Monday, 16 November 2009

Friend or Foe?

Today... The things I expected to be bad were not and some of the things that were hard took me by surprise.

The H & S back to work thingy was fine and I have all the ear protection I could possibly wish for.

People's reaction to my return varied, quite a lot. One bad tempered chap from outside my department saw me and all the words shared were hello, but he looked sympathetic. One person from inside my department didn't hear me the first two times I said hello and when I said louder he responded but didn't look at me.

The people in my department who I thought were my friends, apart from one, proved themselves to be so. They didn't say a lot but they looked pleased to see me which to be honest, was all I needed them to do, big long conversations are not really my thing right now.

My best friend at work has always been my Boss and she is the one I feel has let me down. I can ignore some of the grumpy things she said to me while I was off. I can ignore the fact that there was way more text messaging than there needed to be, if she just paid attention to what I told her the first time. (no I can not tell you anything right now because, as I already told you, my appointment is for much later today and I already said i will call yoy as soon as it is over....)

The thing that really got my goat though wasn't even direct. It was very much indirect. Someone else is off right now with a chest infection but they have a named serious chest infection. They have not been off long as yet but there was my Boss arranging for someone to go pick up their sick notes and arranging for a whip round for a get well card and boys mag to cheer them up.

It hurt. I pride myself on being honest. I wouldn't expect a Boss to necessarily see and respect that but I do expect a friend to. So I guess the end result of this is that perhaps they really arn't much of a friend. The grumpy comments I could forget as there has been a lot of stress in their life but the lack of trust and faith in me, i can't.

The company I can forgive to, their procedures are not bad but the way my Boss sometimes implements them on a personal level is not so great.

So i am sat here feeling pretty tired and yucky and a bit down. I shall go in tomorrow and slowly people will forget I was off sick and things will return to normal. I am not sure I will forget that my Boss may pretend to my friend but that when it comes down to it, they are not.


  1. (((((hugs))))))

    that is certainly a bit of a let-down....sorry you're feeling low from it...

    still, I suppose it's best to know where you stand..*shrug*'ll make it easier when you have to pack it in to accept your Dream Job...:)


  2. I'm sorry to hear that it is miserable for you at work, theres nothing worse. Its horrible to feel that you have been let down by someone you thought was a friend, I hope things improve for you soon, take care x

  3. Oh Rose, so sorry to hear about your first day back at work was like that. I am also really sorry to hear about the behaviour of your boss. That must have hurt your feelings quite a bit. I hope you are all better and days in work run smoothly for you in the up and coming days!

  4. Oh Rose, this kind of thing pisses me right off, if they do for one, they should do for all, at my last job I was one of the Managers, every birthday that came along, always made sure there was a card for everyone, if something bad happened, sympathy cards etc. When I got sick there was no card/ I was so hurt, one of the other managers said to me when I mentioned it to her, that I should not be surprised because I was the one that always did the sending, and I was off sick....How is that for a kick in the keester. So I know how you is not about you, it is about them and how thoughtless sometimes others to have gone on and on. Take care. Be well.

  5. oh honey.... at least the first day is over. i don't think you have any illusions about that place now... its just somewhere you work that pays a few quid.... until you find where the next step is. Thinking of you xx

  6. oh Rose I am so sorry your first day back was like this:( Sending hugs and positive energy