Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Not back to work this week but should be back Monday. I just really, really hope I am all better and up to it then. Going back is going to be hard - i think my Boss is running out of understanding and my pocket is going to be hard hit at the end of the month....

Seems my viral infection thingy has been attacking my whole respiratory system including my ears. The gurgle I thought might be a bit of extra wax is actually a burst ear drum. so cotton wool in the ear for a while when I wash my hair.

I previously burst my ear drum while diving, some years ago. I had an ear infection I knew nothing about and that infection was nasty. I took two courses of oral antibiotics and two lots of antibiotic ear drops and they had the longest list of side affects of any drug I have ever taken. My ear bled to start with and then well, the less said the better, but green featured quite strongly. And the pain... It took the best part of a year for my ear drum to fully grow back. For the first few weeks, sound hurt.

So to be honest I am a little surprised at what I have done and very, very relieved that it isn't painful, merely a little irritating and occasionally uncomfortable.

Any one fancy giving odds over my job? Let's say I last a week back there, still there at Xmas, my contract gets renewed and still there in a years time? *laugh*


  1. Oh Rose, I'm partly laughing at the stakes you've set for your potential job survival, and partly wincing at the thought of your poorly burst ear drum.

    I burst mine when I was about 8 or 9. I remember the agony, but actually, I think that was the pain of the fluid build-up before it burst, and once it burst there was just a great sense of relief.

    You do sound remarkably chipper, all things considered. Well enough to do some art? Are you taking this time in the cave to dream up what you would like to do to should you find yourself out of said job by Christmas? Have you ever tried a Vision Board?

    Positivity and Abundant Health Wishes, hun.

  2. I am a lot more chipper now I don't have to go to work tomorrow, just because I really don't feel well enough to go back yet....

    Art and craft have been at a bit of a low. I have made about five beaded beads - maybe 5 hours work. The only art I have done is scribbling to music (which was lovely and restful) but I have done some writing for nanowrimo, on days I have felt more alive...

    I did do a vision board the full moon before last but didn't post it because I stole images and art ruthlessly from all over the net. I must do another one but I do find that I lack magazines.... I am not sure eimage hunting online is the same - not enough chance involved maybe....

  3. I'm chuckling to think your chipperness is due to not having to go back.....I can utterly relate to that!!!

    I've decided that I'm sick of collecting old magazines only to never do anything with them...thusly, they shall be languishing in the recycle bin this coming Sunday...:) All part of my Purge...

    Your poor, poor ear.....at least it isn't as painful as the first time....


  4. Happy to hear you are feeling a little better in general but sorry to hear about your poor ear. I hope it's a little easier to go back to work by next week, it is so hard to have to spend the largest part of your day somewhere you don't want to be. My new life rule is don't do anything you don't want to do which is easy for me from my place of retirement. Take care of you. *hugs*