Friday, 6 November 2009

Spark of Memory

I have been thinking about memories a bit recently. Some memories are like a bright spark, a moment that is so distinct and strong while others are like a flickering candle light seen at a distance, longer but fuzzier to, the emotions that preserve them are less intense.

For me, emotion seems to be at the centre of memory.

One of those little sparks is an isolated thing but the thing that defines it was the realisation that at that precise moment in time, I was happy. I can not remember why I was happy or how old I was. Just the emotion and where I was. It was an Autumn day and I was in the grounds of my school, on the way to music. The dew was heavy on the grass and so were the craneflies, as I walked through the dewy grass I left footprints in the silver coated grass and shook up storms of daddy long legs all around.

People say that smell brings things back for them, or a place or something else. For me it is emotions I think that anchor. Smells are linked to things but less specifically... fresh mown grass or creosote or hot ink and paper, linked to tasks and non-specific memories. I think for me these smells are linked more with emotions than of specific memories.


  1. I know what you mean. I remember a moment like that walking to elementary school one morning. I don't remember exactly how old I was and I'm not sure whether it's the feeling I remember or just the visual beauty. A fire hydrant had burst during the night and was spraying on a bush. The water froze on the bush and it was so beautiful, all covered in ice. Funny how things like that stay in your mind.

  2. hello there, I cam over from Purple Pixie and I find your Blog very interesting. I've heard it said the past is just a collection of memories. I work as a hypnotherapist and I have seen the destructive power a memory can have on someones present. Once that memory is revisited with todays persective, it can take it's power right away. Look forward to reading more, Blessings Kath