Monday, 2 November 2009

How Long?

Time for another whinge about being ill....

I had my nasty chest infection and the doctor continued to sign me off but didn't renew my antibiotics because he felt it was viral and wanted to give them a chance to work. I was starting to feel a little better when F comes down with a bug.

Suddenly I have snotty man with a temperature lurking about. Of course my immune system is shot. Not just from my own bugs and chest infection but also from the antibiotics. I am not sure if the antibiotics were damping down my own bugs or if F's bug have now come to visit.

Yesterday I had to visit the shop to get some food for Little Dog and I felt dire when i got back. A twenty minute excursion was all it was. Today my chest has bloomed and is sore etc. Work call because they want to know if they need to get some cover in or not and to try and get me to get an appointment as soon as possible.

Feeling a bit harassed I tell F, who is a little stern with me about money and so forth. Then I call the Doctor and find that they are snowed under and obviously have sickness too. So I am off to the Doctor next week and not even to see my own. Apparently the Doctor will be backdating my certificate.

I feel miserable now. I feel as if I have been backed into a corner of being off all week, whether I need to or not. I feel as if F is losing sympathy a little (I suppose at least one of us a constitution made of sterner stuff but I guess it makes it hard for him to appreciate where I am at). I now know that whether I need drugs or not, I can not get any.

I think the term for my position is snookered.


  1. oh my poor you. keep thinking of you (you know men and 'man flu'!) and dont let your work pressure you in any way. i had that when i first had m.e and they were a nightmare~right up to hinting they thought my sick notes were fake because my doctor had not put a return to work date on them!
    thinking of you and sending warm thoughts...

    p.s. i have had a moaning post today too :) great minds and all that

  2. OH this really bites for you. I will pray you get better soon. Nothing worse when you need to go to work and can't because your ill, At least the doctor will back date your slip. I wish you some peace with this and a speedy recovery.

  3. ((((((hugs)))))) sorry you've had a slip back...snookered indeed!

  4. Sorry to hear you're still suffering, hun. Are you doing all the usual alternative stuff to improve your immunity ~ dunno which ones you favour... I opt for lots of Sage tea, hot lemon, garlic cloves or capsules. Put some tea tree oil or eucalyptus in some water in a little spray bottle and spritz the house, especially the sick rooms and the bed sheets.

    For the chest, there are useful congestion points to massage: all along the sides of the sternum, from collar bone down to diaphragm. Spend a bit longer on tender areas ~ just rubbing in small circular motion. Then get someone to do the points on your back, which are just inside the tip of the shoulder blades, about an inch either side of the spine.

    Chest points on the feet are the channels on top of the foot that fall in between the tendons of the toes. Try rubbing these and see what you get. It might hurt. But can help to break up the infection and speed your recovery.

    Stay off dairy products, and sugar, if you can, and eat as much raw as possible until the body is recovered from the stress of the illness. I've just made some leek and potato soup. If you like I'll run some over to you (oh, I do wish I could!!).

    Bright Blessings

  5. awww, I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well!!! :(
    I understand, there is a feeling of guilt- have you used up your sick time? blegh, work shouold be more understanding of this- it's not like they want you to spread your germs there.
    resting without feeling guilty is difficult.

    Healing and Happiness your way!

  6. Thank you lovely people... XXX

  7. I once had a vicious cold and couldn't get rid of it. Finally, in desperation, I bought a bottle of rum, some lemons and some honey. I wrapped myself in a blanket, sat by the fire and cooked and sweated and downed several hot rums. Very delicious medicine and I soon didn't care how I felt. LOL. When I woke up in the morning I was right as rain. Not such a back cure!
    I don't drink at all any more so it wouldn't work for me now.
    I am so sorry you are feeling so ill and hope you feel better soon. It is a sad state of affairs when you can't get to see a doctor for a week and to have to do without medicine. Very unpleasant to be pressured by everyone and have to feel guilty for being sick when you should be being pampered and cared for.*hugs* hope you feel better soon.

  8. lol sam, i just made leek & potato soup too!

    (((hugs))) rose.... maybe just try & go with the flow rather than fight it for now... no-one else knows how it is for you, so try not to worry to much about how they react honey x

  9. so sorry to hear you feel so bad...don't understand how such a little "bug" can make us feel so awful! Samantha had great advice! lots of herb tea, and I am a believer in homeade chicken soup with a few peas & carrots, and of course thyme & sage. hope you are much better very soon!