Thursday, 3 December 2009

An Ugly Word

The way things have been up and down at work began to make sense this week. My Boss's strange moods suddenly make more sense.

Things have gone bad. Very bad... and they are going to get ugly...

My company is ditching part of it's business that has been making a loss and this involves redundancies. It involves a lot of them. 40% of my team will go. We are one of three areas to be hit but other individuals have also been targetted and some have already gone. So now we get scored, given the opportunity for voluntary redundancy etc, etc.

Thing is, once you announce such things to customers, things tend to pick up speed. Those who may have been shown the door after Christmas, may now be shown the door before, who knows?

It is a nasty process. Friends go, teams get broken up and you face either job loss or a role that will likely prove hellish for a time.

I suspect I may not post here for a bit. I don't want to think or dwell right now. I want distraction and avoidance. I have more than enough time to be miserable at work and much of what I would have to say would not be appropriate on an anonymous blog....

I love you all dearly and will be back, so never fear. And I am alright, I think I am one of the lucky ones, whatever happens to me.


  1. You will be missed. Best wishes for a happy holiday season despite the upset at work. *hugs*

  2. I'll be keeping you close in my thoughts, Rose, and sending good vibes your way!

  3. funny how the road opens up before that the choices you wrangle with are made somehow simpler....

    ...i know you're going to be just fine....


  4. Positive feelings and light!!!! we will wait and many Blessings Rose. Strength during these times.