Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Fresh Page

Thank you all for your lovely words that show that you truly get it... It is I think all about needing a fresh page when your life turns a corner. This blog carries with it a whole weight of things, thoughts and tasks and it is time to start afresh. Or at least to shed the things I no longer need.

I do miss you all but I am not quite sure where I am or who I am right now but I am also not to fussed by that. When it all starts anew, you shall of course know where and when and how.

I am not the only one being hit by this turning. SO many things I love seem to be turning too right now....


  1. Rose, I am feeling very much the same way at the moment, hope to see you on the other side soon enough! ((hugs))

  2. Rose, it's kind of comforting to know there are a few of us feeling the same way. Maybe we'll continue on new journeys in 2010, but still together in some way. I don't feel I really know what it's going to look like for me either yet.

    And I'm glad the redundancy-thing is not threatening your serenity. Isn't it funny how it's all working out? What a year it has been.

    Bright Blessings & Big Love

  3. Rose, I'm sorry to hear (from recent blogs here) that your workplace has been such a place of strain and loss over the past weeks. I'll look forward to your new beginnings, if and when they lead to sharing. May you find refreshment and new energy from the turning of the year.