Thursday, 31 December 2009

I still don't know what sort of page I need. My sense of where I am and where I am going is still undefined but not an issue. My foot is on some path but as yet I don't where I am headed. Things are happening but I am not doing much.

I have been ill again. I think my lungs are weak from last time and this latest cold has settled a little in my chest. I have little voice but feel alright really and have been at work. I actually got to walk Little Dog yesterday as I snuck out of work early, I desperately needed some air and that hasn't felt so possible recently.

So here we are on New Year's Eve. The New Year starts tomorrow. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. It feels as if this year has already turned into the next for me. As if it has been in a pause waiting to get going maybe but that the old year has passed. Christmas has also felt lacking this year.

I know it sounds as if i might be direly unhappy but really, everything is just ticking along nicely. The redundancy thing is not resolved but I don't think I will be going. I am not sure many people who don't want to go will be going as it happens. I am not sure staying will be a happy thing long term but let's just wait and see.

My creative juices have receeded as well. Fallow is the word. I find whenever I look at Amused Grace's blog, that I am very, very much feeling the mood of each new goddess of the week.

I want to say a big thank you to all my lovely blog friends and to give a huge apology for being so out of touch, both in not reading their blogs and not being forthcoming in my own communications. I am sure I will be back at some point but so much on this blog feels like baggage. The list of things to do will be gone but I like the list of books read.

So lets just sit back and see where my feet take me. So here I am, stepping in to the future.


  1. Happy New Year, I hope 2010 is a more peaceful and positive time for you x

  2. Lovely to see you *see* you again....

    Fallow is a good thing...quiet, unpressured rest....having a bit of that myself..

    Happy New Year....and here's to unknown roads!!

    ~much love~