Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sowing Seeds

First of all, may I wish a very happy New Year to everyone who reads this and is going to read it in the future!

I have decided to write New Year's Wishes / Resolutions this year. I know when working magic it is best not to be too prescriptive so that you allow things to work in the best way possible and don't create a rod for your own back! I also know that in order to make wishes come true you have to make a little effort and take opportunities that come along....

So here are my seven wishes...

1) To become more creative.
I currently make jewellery using a variety of techniques including a loom, stringing and bead weaving. I would like to expand my creativity in new directions but am not sure which to pursue. I like the idea of learning more about photography and drawing. I would like to sew better and learn how to use my sewing machine. I would like to crochet and make rag rugs...

2)To develop my connection to all that is.
I am obviously trying to improve myself as a practicing Wiccan. I am sure this will happen in just the right ways at just the right times. So could get better at rituals. Maybe I could find which faces of the Goddess speak to me most. Maybe I could uncover some hidden psychic abilities. Whatever I need to develop to maintain my path and grow closer....

3) To find a job where I can be.
I need a job as soon as possible following Christmas. I have a habit of doing temporary admin work but would be happy to move on from this. I don't care what it is that I do as long as it is in a place that doesn't make me miserable or stop me from growing...

4) Some land on which to grow.
I need to be more physically active and would love to develop some skills at growing my own plants for food, fun and beauty. I would also love to keep animals and dream of a small holding. I am also not sure I am ready for that or not! Maybe somewhere to start a nice little veg patch?

5) To always have enough.
I would love to win the lottery and buy a small holding and have my own personal wood with a private grove. Who am I to say what I need? Who am I to say what would be too much for me? But I sure would always like to feel that what I have is enough. Enough to pay the bills. Enought o do fun things. Enough love. Enough time. Just enough...

6) To become a healthier weight.
Since giving up smoking, over five years ago, my weight has blossomed. My figure is now reminiscent of the little neolitic clay Goddess sculptures found around the world. This may be fine for that aspect of the Goddess but I do not think it is fine for me! I have a sweet tooth and in recent years diabetes has blossomed in the female line of my family. My Grandmother is not someone you would expect to develop such a disease and she didn't until her 80s. I suspect if I can not sort my health out that I would develop it somewhat earlier. Even earlier than my Mother who developed it in her 60s...

7) May all around me grow in light and love.
Obviously it is not fair on others and their paths to indiscriminately put your wishes onto them. However a simple little blessing can not do any harm... It can manifest how it chooses...

So what am I doing with these wishes in order to put them out there? I am doing three things, partly as reinforcement and partly to see which feels more magical to me in the long run.

I recently purchased Gail Duff's, 'The Wheel of The Wiccan Year' and in it's chapter on Yule it has a nice section on making wishes for the new year by visualising seeds, drawing them in their packets with what they stand for and then drawing them planting them in the ground. There is also some affirmations to repeat with these activities. I have taken these activities and redefined them for myself.

I sat with a green pencil and paper and wrote out my wishes while repeating to myself Gail Duff's affirmation-

These are the seeds I hold within,
Seeds that will grow with the coming Spring.
I give them love as they do sleep,
To prepare them for the earth so deep. (Gail Duff)

I then wrote them out again so I had two sets. The first set I shall burn tonight near midnight with a white night light scented with a drop of rose and a drop of jasmine oil for love and repeat the affirmation and trying to visualise my hopes and dreams as I do so...

The second set of wishes were folded three times and then each was placed in a square of green tissue paper with seven seeds as an offering. Each little packet was then folded in a square of orange tissue paper and the little packet was then scrunched up into a ball to make an orange seed. The seven seeds will have Gail Duff's second affirmation repeated over them each day for a week and then once a week until Imbolc when I shall plant them somewhere suitable.

I plant my seeds in earth so bare
And nurture them with love and care.
May they grow tall and strong with light
Through Sun and rain, through day and night.
For the good of all my planting's done,
I make this wish with harm none. (Gail Duff)

The final way I am putting my wishes out there is by putting them on this blog. I shall report back after Imbolc on how my wishes are progressing and how the magic felt as it developed, or if it didn't develop. I have to say so far I feel most comfortable with the less formal and more crafty approach of this spell than I do with my attempts to cast a circle etc.

Anyway, Blessed Be to all!


  1. Rose, Those are lovely wishes/resolutions and I really enjoyed your approach to the 'magic'. I have always found that simplest is best and I personally don't think that there should be too many *rules* when it comes to working aspects that come from deep within yourself...which is probably why I clashed with the traditional Wiccans I 'met'....;) We are all different and relate to deity in different ways..some structure I suppose is fine, but only inasmuch as it speaks to you...Oh dear, I'm dangerously close to my soapbox!! (stepping down). We're not in our new year yet....but I wish you a happy, healthy and abundant one!!

  2. Thank you Mel for your kind comments. I already know I am not a coven witch but I am a hedge witch but beyond that, I have no idea yet... Is there a tradition of hedgewitches over the pond? Solitary wiccans are common over here (I think!), probably as common as those working in groups. I can not imagine clashing with a wiccan... It all seems lovely and freeform to me - do as you will... (dances around throwing out handfulls of rose petals singing a happy tune).

    Any way time for cheese and port and candle wish magic with F and Jools (a chap we have over here who does a very good music programme to see in the New Year). Have a very good evening and speak to you next year!

  3. *giggle*...oh, I clashed all right - the Traditionals are a bit of an uptight bunch (in the most generous and loving sense of the word)..I exchanged with them on a Yahoo group - needless to say it rather shattered MY rose-petal-tossing vision!! They quite got their petticoats in a ruffle over the 'do as you will' bit. Which of course, got MY petticoats in a ruffle...which lead me back to where I am now. *inches slowly back from the soapbox again*. Enjoy your cheese and port -- it's a big spaghetti feed for us! Oh, and a glass or two of red wine...medicinal, y'know?!